Fuel Economy is from the devil

The Bandit didn’t care about fuel economy.

Steve McQueen didn’t care about fuel economy.

Even though they drove Minis, the guys from The Italian Job didn’t care about fuel economy. They cared about handling.

Neither Sam or Deirdre cared about fuel economy.

Jake and Elwood didn’t care about fuel economy.

James Bond has never cared about fuel economy.

Quentin Tarantino never cares about fuel economy.

Claude Lelouche didn’t care about fuel economy.


None of this isn’t to say that fuel economy isn’t important. It is. But it isn’t the be-all and end-all of anything.

I couldn’t care less about fuel economy. Personally speaking, it’s somewhere below quality carpets on my priority list when looking at buying a car. Maybe I would care more if I drove a massive V8 that got single-digits-per-gallon, but I drive a Saab. It’s responsible enough for me and I can afford my fuel bills.

I don’t advocate participating in car chases as a responsible activity, but these are some of my favourite car moments from the silver screen. They entertain and if there’s one thing I’ve found driving to be, it’s entertaining.

I love Saabs because I love driving and they’re great cars to drive. I don’t love my Saabs because they’re cheap at the pump. I love my Saabs because they’re comfortable, sporty, incredibly useful and they keep my family safe. I don’t love them because they’re frugal.

Enjoy your driving. I just needed to get that off my chest.

(of course, I reserve the right to still be excited when the e-AAM stuff comes online in the new Saab 9-3 🙂 )

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