IntSaab 2011 – Sastamala, Finland

The new website for IntSaab 2011 is up and running and all you EuroSaabers – heck, all Saabers – ought to consider getting along to the biggest annual Saab gathering in Europe.

intsaab 2011

Here are some of the details, as sent through by Tommi J:

Saab Club of Finland celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2011 and invites Saab enthusiasts from all over the world to join the celebration in Finland on August 5–7, 2011.

The main activities are centered at Hotel Ellivuori in Sastamala, a scenic part of county Häme. The Ellivuori has ample accommodation possibilities both in the hotel and the adjacent camping area.

Guest of honor will be Mr. Simo R. Lampinen an internationally recognized 1960s Finnish rally driver. After his active competition career he has been busy with various rallies and automobile races as an acting manager and advisor of various races including The Neste Rally in Jyväskylä.

Binding registration can be done on the net at (registration will open in January 2011).

Separately before the weekend we will especially for our foreign guests arrange a pre tour called “Yesterday Finland Today”.

Registration closing date is 16.05.2011.

See you in Ellivuori!

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Note: IntSaab is traditionally held every second year, alternating with the Saab Festival in Trollhattan. The hardship Saab faced in 2009, when the Saab Festival was expected but not held, meant that IntSaab has been held more frequently.

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