MapTun – Quaife High Performance gear kit

Maptun are total performance Saab nuts who are 100% dedicated to Saab tuning. They’re a company that I’m very proud to have as supporters of Saabs United.

Those of you who are practiced gearheads know that Saabs can be vulnerable in the gearing department when you put the power down. To cater to those who seek higher performance, Maptun have teamed up with Quaife.

I’ll let them explain:


Throughout the years, we have tuned a large number of Saabs, some of which have left our shop with extreme levels of power. A recurring question has been how long the gearbox is going to last. That it will not last forever both we and the owner have been well aware of, the only question has been how long. Those times are finally over!

Together with well renowned Quaife in the UK, MapTun Performance have developed a gearkit adapted to the extreme demands of a high performance Saab. The kit has now been tested rigorously for over two years in cars with 485-540 hp and 600-700 (!) Nm.

Neither of the cars have noted any problems whatsoever with the gearbox, despite drivers being instructed to push the cars to the limit in a variety of driving conditions, grip conditions and tire choices. Unlike previous straight cut gearkits from Quaife, this one is adapted to street use and not pure racing applications.

The kit therefore features helical cut gears, which give a much better noise level, and a gearing which actually gives slightly higher top gears. Everyday functionality is thereby preserved.

Gear ratios:

  • 1st 12,21
  • 2nd 7,87
  • 3rd 5,57
  • 4th 4,25
  • 5th 3,39
  • 6th 2,85

The gearkits are manufactured by Quaife. The complete kit including a number of custom fabricated parts, such as bearings and input shaft. The kit also includes the output shaft and crown wheel, so it is a true 6 speed kit rather than a bolt on 6th gear.

The kit is only available from MapTun Performance!

We recommend a complete overhaul of the gearbox while installing the gearkit and that a Limited Slip Differential is installed.


The gearkits are available to replace the 5-speed gears in the following vehicles:

  • Saab 900/9-3 94-03,
  • Saab 9000 94-98,
  • Saab 9-5 98-10
  • Saab 9-3 SS
  • Get in touch with Maptun for more information and pricing.

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