Muller: Aiming for 20,000 9-4x sales per year

Bloomberg have a short interview piece with Victor Muller, who was on his way to LA when they called.

VM essentially started the spiel that we’ll hear for the next few days as the press corps descends on the LA Show.


“It’s a very important car because this is the extender of our product portfolio,” Muller said by phone from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport as he was about to fly to Los Angeles. “This means we can capture and keep clients in our brand much more easily than ever before. That’s very, very important for us.”


“It’s too bad there’s no diesel in it for Europe” after a GM-provided engine didn’t meet its needs for the region, Muller said. The Swedish carmaker may seek another diesel- engine supplier for the 9-4X’s future versions, he said.


“We have definitely looked very carefully at where Audi sits with the pricing of the Q5 and Q7,” Muller said. “We’re a little bit between the Q5 and Q7, and we have to make sure we are competitive with them.”


I’m quite sure they’re looking pretty hard for a diesel that will make the car more attractive in Europe. They’d be mad not to, but they want to be cool about it.

Around half of the targeted 15,000 to 20,000 sales are pinned on sales outside of the US, so one would think that a competitive diesel will be essential in reaching that target.

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