New Saab dealer in Seattle?

Seattle’s one of those cities with a good concentrated Saab presence. That presence was built largely by a well respected dealer, Carter Saab, who flew the coop back in 2008 and started selling Subaru instead.

After Carter closed shop, the nearest Saab dealer was around 25 miles out of Seattle, in Fife. This was OK for people south of the space needle, but didn’t please all of the Seattle city dwellers, some of whom lost a convenient service point.

The SaabUSA website is now listing Saab of Bellevue as being just 8 miles from downtown Seattle, at 13710 NE 20TH ST, BELLEVUE.

This is also the home address for Park Place Ltd, who list their marques as follows:

  • Superformance
  • Speedster Recreation
  • Shelby
  • Aston Martin
  • Lotus
  • Classic Reflections Coachworks, and……
  • Spyker

Looks like the new cousins are getting board, too.

Saab of Bellevue

That’s the Streetview of what looks to be a pretty tidy showroom (apparently across the road from the real thing).

Thanks to Marc for the tip!

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