Saab 9-4x to start at $34,200

Greeting all.

Press day has begun. Saab’s press conference isn’t until 3:20 this afternoon, but I can give you the first bit of news already.

The base model FWD 3.0 Saab 9-4x will have an MSRP of $34,200 here in the United States. There’s no specific price mentioned for the 2.9T Aero yet, but it will likely be north of $45K and topping out over $50K fully specified.

Here’s the Saab 9-4x in its hidey-hole ready to come out and meet its public in a few hours from now.

I’ve got a heap of photos from the stand, which looks fantastic. I’ll get those edited and up on site shortly, but I wanted to get this pricing news and first photo up on site quickly.

PS – Charlie Magee, Saab’s hired gun photographer, took some amazing shots at the Malibu house yesterday. I’m hoping to share one or more later today. They look stunning.

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