Saab 9-4x vs Saab 9-5

Here’s an interesting one from comments. I thought I’d bring it to the front page for all to consider and contribute to.

First, Quickening wrote the following with regard to the Saab 9-4x…..

Hitting the market right when I’ll be on the hunt…at this point its between a 9-5 Aero and a 9-4x Aero.

To which SaabR responded:

I find this an interesting comment for two reasons. As someone who will be selling these cars to make a living, I ask:

1) Are these two models really likely to be cross-shopped or compared? Having been in the auto biz for over 24 years, I can’t say I’ve seen that many people trying to choose between a 4dr sedan and a CUV. (A wagon maybe…)

2) What would be the biggest reason one would choose the 9-4X over a 9-5, if they have historically driven sedans? More space? Better view of the road? Perceived off-road or inclement weather ability? (Of course we already know of the beauty of XWD in the 9-5)

I am not asking because I am trying to start something. I really believe that both of the cars will be important to us, but that the 9-4X will be the biggest draw for us. I want to see what the general consensus is and what thoughts people have behind rationale and thought process.


If you’ve got anything to contribute on the subject of large sedan vs crossover wagon, I’m sure Rob and others might appreciate your thoughts.

Both vehicles are going to be similarly priced so it’ll be interesting to see peoples’ reasoning for their choices.

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