Saab 9-5 fleet arrival has Anders smiling

I love receiving stories like this.

This one came in last week via email from a guy named Torbjörn, who works for a telco in Stockholm.

The story sells itself pretty well. What really grabs me is the fact that people are so moved by situations like this that they’d take the photo and write it down. It’s the coolest thing ever.


Dear Swade,

Today was a day of joy at the office. My collegue Anders got his new company car, delivered by Svenska Bil in Stockholm, just a couple of hours ago. Saab was not in our car fleet programme a year ago but we have been doing some serious lobbying during 2010 and the result is that we now have two 9-3x and one 9-5 – and this is a rather small office with only 15 cars in the fleet.

I got my order in for my 9-3 X just a couple of days after it was made clear that Saab survived. I love it although it is a bit thirsty (using Ethanol). The handling is extremely good and I cannot wait for the snow and the ice to come to put the Haldex system to the test.

We are not allowed to park company cars at the customer parking area situated just outside the office but I have, as Anders’ manager, permitted him to do so this week in order for the staff to enjoy this beauty.

Anders Saab 9-5

The lucky new driver is Anders, on the left. Our author, Torbjörn, is on the right.

Thanks, and congratulations!

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