Saab 9-5 gets nice product placement on SVT

We have a national TV broadcaster here in Australia, called the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), which is commercial-free. They have ads, but those are for ABC programs or public services only.

Sweden has a similar thing. This is from Montahue, a Swede and happy SVT subscriber:


SVT is short for “Swedish state television” and every Swedish household pays around $18 per month for this service, which I gladly pay because of the quality it has (some hate to pay for it).

The important thing about SVT is that commercials or product-placement are strictly banned, and for good reason.

The most “intellectual” culture, art and design show is one called “KOBRA” and it’s one that I watch regularly, though the general masses dont.

There was a lot of Saab 9-5 vision on the latest show. This is just amazing and if it was a can of Coke instead of a 9-5 I would be totally upset and the evening press would make a big deal of it.

If you watch it, you will notice that for no apparnt reason at all (having nothing to do with what’s being said and promoted) the first few minutes and the last 10 seconds of the show stars the 9-5, the last bit in a very seductive and abitious action scene.

I couldnt really believe it.

Its really cool that some guy/gal made this and got it through “state controll” passing as “art”.

Kobra Saab 9-5


Non-Swedes can indeed watch it (well, I could). It is indeed a very nicely produced show and the 9-5 placement is very tasteful.

Thanks Montahue!

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