Saab ad competition – Day 19

LA is done and dusted, so it’s time to commence the home stretch in the (unofficial) Saab ad competition.

The prize pool is now up to $1,350 + fudge (another $100 added today thanks to SoonSaab), so get your entry in before the end of the month!


The first entry today comes from an old friend of this site, design student Niklas Palm….

U2Singhy checks for a pulse….

Pekka preaches some automotive Darwinism:

There are plenty more great ads after the jump….

Toby K talks about the weather…..

Panos extols the virtues of the Scandinavian Flick….

Trond invites your interest in the Saab 9-3x….

Sigbjørn promotes the derriere of the new Saab 9-5…

Zippy recalls the original Black Turbo to sell the new one…

Jake gives you a little loving…..

Masse uses some very contemporary imagery 🙂

Philip K adds an aircraft….

Sam Y with an ensemble….

Magnus goes for something different….

This is from a young lady who’s known to me by virtue of her Dad’s car having been shown here a few times. Her name is Mel and this is her own work…..

The end, for today.

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