Saab ad competition – Day 24

It’s day 24 of the (unofficial) Saab ad competition, with thanks again to our competition sponsors: New Salem Saab, International Saab, ATS, transport services, SoonSaab, State of Nine, Maptun, Elkparts, Saab USA Parts, The Fudge A’fare and a couple of private donors.

This competition has been absolutely brilliant so far and it’s getting better every day.

Here are today’s contributions…..


From Walcc in Latvia, two more Saab ads, featuring the Black Turbo

Some very nice imagery from De Teng….

Martin D takes a unique line with the Saab 9-3 convertible

There are plenty more ads after the jump!

And another one from Martin…..

A new ad from Meg H….

Jeff K gets clever, sending the Aero-X out for milk….

Joost offers an invitation…..

Joel poses a future Saab 9-3 and a play on words….

Javier takes an original line…

Johan’s ad certainly measures up…… sorry

David C brings on the facts….

And finally, for today, Sam Y has been a very busy boy….

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