Saab ad competition – Day 26

It’s day 26 of the (unofficial) Saab ad competition and we’re nearly done, with gargantuan thanks once again to our competition sponsors: New Salem Saab, International Saab, ATS, transport services, SoonSaab, State of Nine, Maptun, Elkparts, Saab USA Parts, The Fudge A’fare and a couple of private donors.

Here are today’s entries…..


We kick things off with a jaw-dropper from Tobias S….

Jorrit has sent through a few revisions on previous submissions as well as a few new ones….

Plenty more ads after the jump. Check ’em out!

JH advertises the Saab 9-3x….

SpinM talks about safety, toughness and longevity….

Talladegan is back, with an invitation from VM….

Tudor, from Romania, goes green….

Jake is back with a brace of various themes….

Vladarh talks about conformity….

Peter C included the following notes with his submission….

Scandinavian design means functionality combined with organic, natural features. SAAB translates these Swedish traditions on automobile production, making its cars eco-friendly but powerful.

SAAB ECOPOWER TECHNOLOGY is the power of efficiency. It is developed to combine increased respect for nature with better performance.

Sam Y with another multiple submission….

Christopher J gets biblical….

Joren talks about love….

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