Saab donate for breast cancer

Hands up if your life has ever been touched by breast cancer? It could be a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a spouse, a friend. I’ll raise two hands – one for a survivor I know and one for someone who’s still battling her second encounter with this disease.

Given my own proximity to people dealing with this disease, it was really heartwarming to hear that Saab have recently lent material support to some serious fundraising efforts in Sweden for research and support. I only wish I’d known about it earlier.

Last week, TV3 in Sweden held a fundraising gala and during the event, they gave away three Saabs in a lottery.

The three Saabs given over to raise funds were as follows:

  • 9-3 linear sportsedan TTID 130hp (the new 119g/km 9-3)
  • 9-3 linear sport sedan 1.8t biopower 175hp
  • 9-5 Linear Turbo4 biopower 220hp

The total raised during the gala was 50 million crowns, which is absolutely fantastic. I feel really proud of the fact that Saab could be involved.

Thanks to Emil and Tom for the tips.

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