Saab GB have some work to do – Whatcar? survey ranks Saab last

A recent survey released by Whatcar? provides what I think is a very disturbing result. I don’t believe that it’s an accurate result, nor do I think it’s been responsibly reported. None of that matters, though. It is what it is – Whatcar? have named Saab as the worst manufacturer according to their reader survey results.

Saab’s new owner, Spkyer, will be hoping the new 9-5 impresses you more than the ageing 9-3. More than 200 of you reviewed the saloon, estate and convertible versions of the 9-3, giving it decidedly average verdicts.

The old 9-5 isn’t included because it’s no longer on sale, but even its ratings wouldn’t have lifted Saab off the bottom of our table.

According to Whatcar? readers, Skoda were the best manufacturer, with their vehicles having an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Saab were 31st, and last, with an average rating of 3.3.

These results are based on owner/user-based reviews of their own cars. I’d query the placements of more than a few manufacturers, but it would be a pointless exercise. The reviews are over and done. More importantly, they’re published and accessible.

Saab has had a reasonable amount of negative perception over the last year or so because of the near-closure and sale of the brand. As is noted in the quote, they also have an aging Saab 9-3 as their primary seller, which might not have helped (although the quality and reliability of the Saab 9-3 has been rated highly elsewhere).

Whatever the situation, part of Saab GB’s job is to help buyers feel that they’re getting value for money, to feel good about their purchase. Saab make good cars, but the volume of noise made by the press in the last year or so has dramatically outweighed the positive messages – the right messages – sent out by the company and in Great Britain, that’s Saab GB’s domain.

As always with car companies, it’s all about the product. But the right message helps a lot.

Thanks to Ronan for the link.

UPDATE – comments are now closed. Please click on the headline to this entry to read them. Thanks to all for the robust discussion, but I think we covered all that needed to be covered.

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