Saab Homecoming at Reinertsen Motors (NJ)

Reinertsen Motors are one of a number of dealerships that I only ever hear good things about, so when I got an email about this (I’m on their regular mailing list) I emailed Keith Coultrap at Reinertsen to find out some more.

Saab Homecoming Event

Where: Reinertsen Motors – Denville, NJ
When: November 20, 2010, 10am-4pm

  1. Show off your Saab
  2. See the RMI Saab Heritage Collection
  3. Test-drive the All-New 9-5 Sedan, both the Aero & Turbo4 will be available.

Test-Drive an All-New 9-5 Sedan to receive a $25 voucher to use on your next visit to the Reinertsen Motors Service or Parts Department.

Bagels & Mimosas will be served from 10am to noon…Skol!

Whilst a number of dealers have already had launch events for the Saab 9-5, Reinertsen decided to wait until the 4-cylinder range was available for people to see and test drive. This is a lunch event, another great opportunity for Saab people to get together, catch up, enjoy their vehicles and support a local, standalone dealer.

Reinertsen are hoping for a good fleet of Saab cars to turn up, show off – and for people to check out the new 2011 Saab 9-5, of course.

As mentioned in the promo, they’ll also have a few of their own vintage Saabs available for inspection (not for sale, though!). These include a 1972 96 V4, a 1980 99 EMS and the classic 1990 900 SPG. Hopefully there will be a few old Saab racers on site as well.

If you’re in the area, mark the 20th November on your calendar and get along to Reinertsen.

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