Saab increase fleet sales in Sweden

Some good news out of Sweden with regard to business fleet sales (see our mates Anders and Torbjörn with their new company Saabs, below).

Saab continues to sell cars to Swedish companies. This shows in the unique statistics from official data. In the months August to October 2010, Saab increased by 94% compared to same period in 2009. Swedish companies registered 1464 Saab during those three months, ranking the brand sixth. …..

….. – The statistics in the official data continues to show a rise for the Saab, and companies [came] back to the brand from Trollhattan with renewed confidence,” said Ronny Svensson, CEO of Ynnor the newsletter Business Car Facts.

– A residual value guarantee from Saab dealers of up to 53% facilitates the purchase decision for many lease customers,” says Ronnie Smith.

And the best news is quite possibly still to come. Saab’s new low-emissions diesels will be a very attractive proposition for business customers and they’re only just starting to hit dealer forecourts in Sweden right now.

September is the traditional peak for business sales, but the addition of these new 9-3 diesels could see the year finish a bit stronger than what might have been otherwise expected.

Thanks to Gustaf, via comments.

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