Saab safety in Dubai

This one got passed on to me via email.

Apparently the car’s owner is an expat Kiwi, living and working as an architect in Dubai. I don’t know if they have a lottery in Dubai, but I’d suggest this guy might have bought a few tickets if they do.


I’m happy to be alive today, alhamdulillah!! and thanks to my Saab!

Last night I took a different route home to avoid a traffic jam on Abu Dhabi Corniche. Approaching the Maqta bridge in fairly heavy traffic, I was in the right hand lane travelling about 80kph, ready to exit on the other side of the bridge, when a huge cement truck-&-trailer next to me moved right, into my lane, apparently without seeing me. I edged over onto the shoulder just as the shoulder was ended by the concrete barrier moving left to meet the bridge. I was caught between the barrier and the trailer, and dragged about 30m.

The front wheels of the trailer, as high as my head, were grinding away at the driver’s side of the car, as the right-hand front corner was grinding against the concrete barrier. As the truck wheels pulled ahead of me, the bonnet was folded up and the edge of the truck tray assaulted the roof of my car, which held firm and prevented me from going under the truck. The rear trailer wheels came by next, grinding along the driver’s side again, and as the trailer started to pass by, my car jack-knifed around the rear corner, pivoting by its nose against the concrete barrier. I saw the structural steel frame on the rear of the truck coming at me, and then as it tore the front door away, the RSC’s actually folded under and away from me. The passenger cage of my car didn’t deform, and I was left untouched. The car came to rest with its nose against the concrete barrier and perpindicular to the traffic following me.

Surely if the t&t hadn’t have been empty, even my Saab would not have held up.


I’m certainly glad this guy’s lived to tell the tale.

A Saab won’t get you through every possible accident you can have, but it’ll give you a better chance than just about anything else on the market.

Drive Safe.

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