Saab sales data – Britain, Germany and others

More sales data is trickling in…..


Great Britain

There were 377 Saabs registered in Great Britain in October, a rise of 12.5% over the 335 registered in the same month last year.

So far in 2010, there have been 4,554 Saabs registered in Great Britain. This number is still 34% down on the 6,991 registered Jan-Oct in 2009.



Germany remains a problem market. Something needs to be done to get dealers on board and at the very least, get the website showing all the current models. One of my German contacts informs me as follows:

  • they advertise the 9-5 1,6T in magazines for four months now. But it can’t be found online
  • the build your Saab function for the 9-3 is not available “due to the change of the model year” – I think for at least two months now

Sorry, Saab Deutschland. Tough love. This should be such a bigger market for Saab.

Maybe one of those test-drive roadshows like they’re doing in Norway would get some bums on seats and help to overcome the reluctance of many German dealers to actually stock their showrooms.

There were 40 Saabs sold in Germany in October. I don’t have a comparative number, but there have been 557 sold this year.


I know others have left comments scattered through other posts as to sales numbers in smaller markets.

If you could do so again here, it’d be good to have them all in the one place. I’ll update the post in the morning.

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