Saab sponsoring Dutch womens speedskate team (Team Liga)

Saab Netherlands has taken on sponsorship of Team Liga, a Dutch womens speedskating team.

Team Liga Saabs

The Dutch speedskating season is about to begin and Team Liga is a new team in the Dutch competition. The main sponsor is Liga, a biscuit company (yum!)

The star of the team is Annette Gerritsen, who has held a number of junior speedskating records, and who won the Olympic silver in the 1000m, missing gold by only 2/100ths of a second.

The other team members are Marianne Timmer, Margot Boer and Floor van den Brandt.

Team Liga


If my entry about this new sponsorship seems a little bit mechanical, it’s because I know absolutely nothing about competitive ice skating in general, or speedskating in particular. Hey, I live in Australia, where speedskating is seen only slightly more frequently than Halley’s Comet.

But my understanding is that it’s big up there in Europe, so it’s great to see SaabNL getting involved.

Go Team Liga!!

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