Saab top Germans in ADAC brand survey

If I’ve got my understanding right, ADAC is Germany’s version of the RAC in England, or the AAA in the United States – an automobile association that provides services to members (roadside assist, Insurance, education, etc) and most likely consultation to government amongst other things.

ADAC recently released results of a brand survey, taken amongst its members.

You can see Saab ranked equal 11th (or 12th, depending on your reading of things) in the following table.

The column titles along the top of the table are as follows:

1 – # of questionaries returned
2 – “How content are you with your brand?”
3 – “How content are you with your car?”
4 – “How content are you with your dealership garage?”
5 – “Would you buy again from the same brand?”


adac_ranking 2010

Ranking system has been explained in comments:

The ranking system is explained in the footnotes. People have simply been asked to answer each question with a number from 1 to 5, where 1 is “very content” and 5 is “not at all content”. The exception is the last question, where the numbers go from 1 “I certainly would” to 5 “I certainly wouldn’t”.

Thanks Börjesson!

It seems that Saab, with five optional rankings assuming 20% each, gain approval ratings of around 70% from respondents. They seem to fare just about as good as anyone else, actually beating out all of the German premium players aside from BMW, who placed just above them.

That would indicate there’s a fair amount of market acceptance amongst the people who have Saabs in Germany (and we’ve heard before that they’re the most passionate fans in Germany). It all makes it harder to believe that Saab have so much trouble gaining sales traction in Germany. There must be more potential customers out there.

Thanks Philipp!

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