Saab (unofficial) ad competition prize goes up (again!)

UPDATE: Maptun have jumped aboard and offered a $100 gift voucher as well.

That takes the total prize to $850 in value.


Just a quick note….

This competition certainly seems to have captured people’s imaginations. Not only is my inbox bursting with entries, but some people are enjoying the Saab (unofficial) ad competition so much that they’re chipping in some extra funds for the prize pool.

My Paypal account received another two donations today, totalling$50 $125, and those two donations take the total prize pool up to $650 in cash (US$) plus a $100 gift voucher courtesy of Dan at State of Nine AND a $100 gift voucher from Maptun.

Here are the entries so far…..

If you want to enter the competition, the instructions are here: Saab (unofficial) ad competition.

Note: The posting of entries will most likely pause next week while I’m in Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show and the unveiling of the production Saab 9-4x.

My advice is to concentrate on quality rather than volume.

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