Saab (unofficial) ad competition – prize update

UPDATE: LA is over and done, so it’s the home stretch for the (unofficial) Saab ad competition!

One additional sponsor has joined the competition, taking the total prize pool to $1,350 plus fudge!!

The growth of the prize pool is now almost as exciting as the Saab (unofficial) ad competition itself!

I’m pleased to announce there has been another contribution to the prize pool. The latest contribution comes from SoonSaab – an advertising effort aiming to assist Saab dealers in Germany. SoonSaab has offered a $100 cash donation to the prize pool.

The total prize pool is now as follows:

That’s $950 cash in total – to be transferred via Paypal.

But wait! There’s more!………..


With the prize pool jumping up over the $1,000 mark, I think it’s more than appropriate to change the division of prizes and give more people a chance at being rewarded for their hard work.

As the prize pool may yet still grow in value, I’m hesitant to place a dollar figure on each of first, second and third place. I think it’s OK to state the intention, though, that first place will take up 55% of the pool, second place 28% and third place 17%.

If I can twist Matt’s arm a little, I’ll try and get each of the podium winners some fudge 🙂


The strong support for this competition in terms of both prizes and entries is a solid indicator of the interest level in Saab advertising and it’s success. Everyone loves a good ad. And everyone wants to see Saab advertising get better and better.

This campaign was never intended to provide Saab with ads to replace ‘the official stuff’. It was meant to generate ads from the people’s point of view and I think there have been a bunch of very worthy ads submitted so far. Some have been absolutely outstanding.

The competition winds up at the end of this month, so there should be a lot of great ads to look forward to between now and then.

Click here for details about how to enter.

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