Saab (unofficial) ad competition – win $500

Opinions have been divided on Saab’s recent advertising efforts.

I figured it might be useful and entertaining to have a little fun with it all. And who knows, we might just discover another David Ogilvy or Carl Ally while we’re at it.

To make it even more interesting and in order to provide you with a little extra motivation, I’m going to pony up some dead presidents – It’s winner take all, people.

The task….

Design and construct a graphic and text suitable for a Saab magazine-style advertisment. Your ad needs to be ready to run – image and print all together in the one jpg file.

No video – this is a print-only exercise.

The judging

I will post every entry here on the website, most likely as a daily collection. After the deadline, I’ll get a suitably qualified person (i.e. someone who sells Saabs for a living) – OR a panel of said persons – to look them over and decide on a group of finalists.

The group of finalists will then be subjected to a poll and the winner gets the prize.

The prize

$500 $575 will be Paypalled to the winning entrant in US currency.

UPDATE: In addition, Dan from State of Nine has added a $100 gift voucher for use at State Of Nine – thanks Dan!!

I’m putting my money where my mouth is, time for you to put your creative talent where your mouth is.

How to enter

Ads should be in JPG format. You can send it PDF if you like but I have to show it on site, so I’ll convert it to JPG.

Send your finished ad to swade99[at]gmail[dot]com and include “Adcomp” in the subject line.

IMPORTANT: All images should have the text “This is not an original Saab Advertisement” written at the top/bottom or along the side of the image (whichever suits your layout).

The deadline

Entries will be accepted until midnight, November 30, 2010.

Giddyup! Let’s have some fun.

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