Saab US sales data – October 2010

Sales data for the USA is in and it’s pretty similar to Sweden – well up from last year but down a bit from last month.

Total Saab sales

There were 741 Saabs sold in the US last month, which is up on the 513 sold in the same month last year (and up even more if you take out the 214 units of the 9-7x included in that 2009 number).

Saab 9-3

There were 548 Saab 9-3s sold during October, which is more than double the 248 sold in October 2009.

There are now 2,731 vehicles in US Saab 9-3 stock.

Saab 9-5

There were 193 Saab 9-5s sold in October this year, which is nearly 400% up on the 51 sold in the same month last year.

There are currently 378 vehicles remaining in Saab 9-5 stocks in the US.


It’s good, but it needs to lift, I think. As with Sweden, there’s a year-on-year lift but a month-on-month fall. Saab sold 1.127 vehicles in the US last month.

So, congratulations to Saab Cars NA, but it’s heads-down-bum-up for the next month. Work to be done, folks (which I know you’re already doing, but still…..)

93 thoughts on “Saab US sales data – October 2010”

  1. Since SAAB doesn’t have a big budget to spend on ads they should make sure that the cars they are selling look great i.e. PUT ON THOSE NICER BIGGER rims. Most people see cars on the road and think “ohh that is a nice car i should check that one out…” Really how much more does it cost to ditch those ugly sixteens for some sportier low profile rims? Nice rims make all the difference. Even at the L.A. auto show they didn’t put the nice turbine rims on the 9-5. The 9-3 had 16 inch rims… ahhh…… BMW, Merc, Audi all TURNED IT UP TO ELEVEN and SAAB for some reason turned down to seven. WHy? The marketing people over at SAAB need to step it up.

    …and change the horrible website (U.S.)!!!

    Long live SAAB!!!

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