Shaw Saab build showroom billboard

I’m a layman when it comes to questions of how to run a business, but even a layman like me can understand that dealer initiative plays a big part in dealer success.

Shaw Saab have taken a plain white wall in their showroom and turned it into a massive, changeable billboard that’s not only beautiful from the inside, but quite visible from the outside.

From Fred Shaw:

I thought you would enjoy these photos. I took a stark and boring white wall in the showroom and added a custom made graphic of the all-new Saab 9-5. It measures an astounding 21’ x 8’! Installed it myself with the help of Shaw Saab Technician Andy Lee and the assistance of numerous employees at different stages.

It took us all day – primarily because we probably measured 17 times before drilling, but it was worth it. It came out absolutely perfect.

The graphic is a full color printed fabric graphic on heavy knit material mounted on a frame made of light-weight aluminum.

It looks absolutely terrific from within and especially outside from the roadway! Had to show the community that we are alive and well and how proud we are of the all-new 9-5. Now that the framing is up, we can change the graphic periodically (i.e. 9-4 launch, 9-5 SportWagon, etc…)

Click to enlarge the photos.

Outstanding work, Fred. It looks absolutely superb.

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