Thankyou Etienne for the 2nd European Saab gathering

I know a lot of people would have thanked him on the weekend, but I just wanted to pass along a personal thankyou from afar to Etienne, the guy who organised the 2nd European Saab gathering in Huy last weekend.

Huy Saab Meeting

Photo from Golfhunter’s Flickr account.

Everything I’ve heard about this event tells me it was a first-class affair, organised on the ground in Huy by Etienne himself dealing with the local authorities. Friends of Etienne in England (Robin M), France (Golfhunter) and Holland (the Dutch club and forum) helped get some people along and there were a few notices here on SU as well.

The end result – a massive 263 Saabs from Europe taking over the central area of the town and a fantastic display of Saab cars and enthusiasm.

263 Saabs! With multiple people in many of them.

This was an event that in terms of turnout and support for Saab, rivals many of the excellent conferences and conventions that go on around the world, and it was down to one bloke on the ground to put the whole show together.

Outstanding commitment and fantastic work. And the number of emails I’ve received complimenting Etienne on the way the day unfolded bears witness to this.

Congratulations, mate. Well done.

I hope any future iterations of this event in Huy get the support they deserve.


Etienne and Golfhunter write for the Saabhuy Blog, which is changing it’s name to Saablog-in. All you French-reading types should bookmark it and check it out.

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