Video: and Saab 9-4x

This is not a bad video at all.

It is, however, another reminder of what Saab are fighting against – constant comparisons with the SRX.

I should also mention that comments to the video at the original source are encouraging, even if they risk an SRX mention as well:

I’ve owned my Cadillac SRX for 7 months now and have been extremely happy with it. 3.0 Litre engine works fine. Good accelearation and plenty of power when needed. I don’t understand the reviewers remarks about the engine. I do not suffer what we describes.

We’ve been relying on reviewers thoughts about the 3.0i engine and gear-head reviewers have not been kind. Bear in mind, though that at 265hp, it’s pushing out more than a 2.0T and more than my own Hirsched 2.0 Saab 9-3. Yes, I’d rather have a turbo too, but the fact remains that it’ll be the bigger seller and perfectly suitable for the majority of buyers.

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