A Saabmarine surfaces

A Christmas image from Greg Abbott, whose new Saab 9-5 got a little snowed in during festivities on the weekend.

Saab have added the Head-Up Display to their cars. Periscope next?

Not that he’d have much need for it in these circumstances, but Greg (having been a good boy this year) received a little sign to act as a reminder for others that they shouldn’t cramp his style when looking for a place to park….

7 thoughts on “A Saabmarine surfaces”

  1. Now THAT is some serious snow. Glad I live on the “Wet Coast” where we rarley get snow and it rains from lat October until mid April almost non-stop.

    • I’m currently visiting the west coast (Northern CA), and many of the ski resorts have received more than 10′ (3m) of snow in the last 10 days. Prior to that, they already had that much around Thanksgiving. Snow banks taller than all the SUVs around here. It’s fantastic.

      (On holiday from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where we’ve only have about 8″ of snow so far this year… very dry)

  2. Actually some Spykers (C8 spyders) have got periscope mirrors to be able to look above the folded down soft top!

  3. Nice! 😉
    With regards to snow: The modern Swedish trains have problems in this winter weather right now, so tonight on Sweden’s biggest news programme (Rapport) they reported that the Swedish Transport Administration has taken out some 55 years old museum trains, and they work in this weather! They are built by ASEA-NOHAB in Trollhättan! 😀

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