11 thoughts on “CNN Video: Saab 9-5”

  1. 1) “GM’s designers”?
    2) Parchment interior: I think that helps a lot of the criticism that many reviewers have when they say the cabin is a bit dark.
    3) Overall a pretty fair introduction/review of the 9-5.

  2. Yep, good stuff. Need more reviews like that. Quick little things that raise the awareness of Saab’s new found stability and resurgence.

    • This is what I was thinking. We might not be able to “wait” to see what Saab does later if people aren’t buying now.

  3. “the small issues” What?

    We need discussions of the other available Saabs like the 9-3 and 9-3X. The issues have been fixed! Expense? The 9-3 is almost cheap.

    Just a thought.

  4. Okay, let me guess. They just handed over the keys without any briefing or leaflet to inform the journalist about Saab as a company and the philosophy behind the 9-5 in the Scandinavian market?
    End result, no wow factor, no real information just a few lame sentences like: ”I quite like it” but ”Lets wait for the car the independent Saab will deliver”.

    All I can say this review is the perfect example of why Saab needs the killer engine (what ever it would be called). Otherwise there’s the risk (again) that Saab falls into the category of ”- So you couldn’t afford an Audi?”. Steal the transmission from Maptune and an engine from somewhere, today. The responsible power thing just don’t cut it for journos that spend probably 20 minutes cruising around the suburb. They just start looking at ‘gaps’ the interior fit which mean absolutely nothing. Put this guy on the highway in the snowstorm, desperate to get home to his family for Christmas and I guarantee he’ll start focusing on something more relevant. (perfect TV ad BTW)

    PS. If Saab would marketing the 9-5s as the best snowmobils and safest highway cruisers EVER for business people, that would actually mean something.
    If the marketing department can’t hack it, VM and JÅJ need to get their roadshow -winter edition- moving again. Rant over.

    • I would add that a lower MSRP is another good point in the review. At 50K plus it is in the lux market where you can get either more lux or performance for your money.

  5. Is this guy really a journalist? What horrible choices of words and the use of inccorect and non concreate statements leads me to believe this guy is a PUTZ!

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