“Dear Jonathan” – it seems Saab GB are listening

It’s great to read stories about Saab responding to feedback. In this case, it’s the boatload of negative reviews that eminated from the British motoring press about the driving characteristics of the new Saab 9-5 on British roads.

The response?

Britain is one of the key markets in Europe for Saab, which is why they are treating the customers there with a specially upgraded version of the new 9-5 sedan with no change in pricing. The model is based on the Vector SE trim level and features leather trimmed seats as standard, replacing the previous leather and textile interior trim.

What’s more, they offer a set of 18 inch Carve alloy wheels, improving the aesthetic appeal of the car, replacing the regular 17 inch Blade alloy wheels.

In addition to the new wheels, they’ve also tweaked the chassis to enhance the dynamics and comfort. The previous sport chassis fitted as standard has now been replaced with a revised comfort chassis specification, so you get a sweet ride with the 2.0-litre TiD 160PS models equipped with manual transmission.

Jonathan Nash had this to say….

These improvements are the result of feedback from the UK automotive media. The improved driving characteristics address issues related to ride comfort on UK roads. The fact that the engineering team have managed to make the changes without affecting the impressive CO2 emissions of just 139g/km for the manual 2.0-litre TiD 160PS car show that the small independent Saab engineering team can respond very quickly to market requirements.


It’s great news, a great response, and I look forward to a new round of press reviews for the Saab 9-5.

Now, if only we could get some responses to issues raised from those November Saab sales in the US…..

13 thoughts on ““Dear Jonathan” – it seems Saab GB are listening”

    • Arghh, I regret selling my xbox (my forza3 and my TX) and sticking with PS3 and GT5.

      That’s definitely great news and an even better response from Saab GB, well done.

  1. Great news, and very fast change in the right direction. That´s the new thing, no stiff and byrocratic long bench (byråkratisk långbänk) fast fix of a known problem. Cheers Saab!!

  2. Feel the power of independence.
    Everyone is lowering their cars to get better CO2 values. Which means, all those “save the planet” cars have a quite harsh ride, without having the power.
    Saab decided to go another way with the updated 119g 9-3, and now have showed they can undo the old GM decision, and get a better ride without changing the CO2 value.

    But Saab will really impress me if the MY12 9-5 SC becomes lighter than the MY11 9-5 Sedan, and I think they can do it. 🙂

  3. Way to go – very impressive! And I now know just what club to pick up first the next time I find a curable Saab-doubter: Tell them how fast this company can move.

  4. Good job Saab GB! Now–I hope that Saab NA can respond in a similarly responsive fashion. So far–they are missing in action!

  5. With all due respect to Saab GB, who did the right thing (as every other automaker, who launch a car in the UK, get panned by the press for a harsh ride and promise the next MY has specially tweaked suspension for the UK, Vauxhall does it model in model out), I am not quite buying that as “response that shows Saab is listening”.

    A response to show that Saab is listening would be acting swiftly on the concerns raised by front-line employees such as “Insider” who frequented this site sometime ago, admitting that showroom traffic is lower than expected and launching a campaign of delivering the 9-5s to the places people are at, such as office parks, shopping centres, spas & health clubs etc.

    It would also be Jonathan Nash coming to SU and replying via comments, or at least an email to Swade, to all the due and undue garbage being thrown at Saab and Saab GB in particular around here, and in the press. If for every bad word you write about Saab you’d get a rebuttal and and intelligent, substantiated retort from a specific, living person at Saab, it would make a very different impression.

    Right now, we are all very much in the dark as to what is going on at Saab, and a lot of conspiracy theories are being formed, and unnecessary bad waters are being stirred. I would love for Saab to become the very different, “open” company. One that is not afraid to tell us who’s working at Saab, who is responsible for what and hold them responsible for that by allowing and encouraging them to communicate and defend their grounds in social media.

    Rather than unproductive meetings, flying half of the management back and forth between Paris and LA and filming videos, they could tell every employee to devote 30 minutes of their work day to social media – answering questions and queries, creating “amateur”, but frank, honest and believable content (“hi, it’s John Doe at This&That Department @ Saab and here’s what we’ve been working on and are proud of, and how we used your feedback!), making connections and helping foster the community around Saab.

    I would have felt absolutely buoyant if, upon discovering a less-than-satisfactory feature about my Saab I could email a person responsible for that area and get a reply stating they will be working on it for future models, or that it is already being taken care of. Even if it wouldn’t make my Saab any better, it would change my dissatisfaction with some teeny detail into great love for Saab, the company who listened to me and took me seriously.

    If Eric Geers, who is the absolute GOD of PR, a person who never sleeps and has apparently unlimited capacities, does feel he hasn’t the manpower to coordinate all that, I guess investing in cool internships for a few enthusiastic students would be a much better bet than this SuperBowl ad everybody’s worked up about.

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