50 thoughts on “Frozen Saab 9-5 coupe”

    • +1 Yes a 2 door maybe with “Spiker angel on them” woulde´nt that be nice!

      Cupè with angeld doors is a dream to me (on a Saab course). Think about it what a new
      bold thing to lock at.

  1. Aerodynamically speaking, it has a very interesting shape. But the back end is too volvo’ish, it looks quite like the old S60.

  2. Personally I really can’t get used to the notion that a coupe can have 4 doors.

    I’ll call it a 9-5 hatchback and apparently nature built one itself because it too wants the hatch back 🙂

  3. Boy, this winter has really hit us hard, and hasn’t even really started yet. The same here in Munich, and I start wondering what is going on further up north, like in Trollhättan. 3 m of snow by now?

    • I’d guess out in the woods it’s about 50cm by now but it’s quite compressed snow. This night we’re expecting another 20 🙂

    • When will SAAB come out with those real winter car ads? It drives me crazy that they’re in the midst of saving the company (rebuilding sales) but don’t utilize their biggest asset!?
      There as still places where people wait for the farmer to jump in to his old 900 in the morning to plow the way for city folks so they can get back home after the snowstorm.

      • I usually enjoy the winter handling aspects of my 2000 Saab 9-3 hatchback also, but it was a little embarrassing last night when I was leaving a meeting, got in my 9-3 to back out of the parking space, and I could not because the emergency brake cable did not release to the right rear tire. Apparently some water had got in to the cable housing and frozen while I was inside. While trying to get it unstuck, several people came to offer help and when I told them the problem, one replied, “You would think a car built in Sweden would not have that problem…” True, the car is over 10 years old, so there may be a seal or something that let some water in…but it was still a bit embarrassing.

        • Yes, it’s the god awful Opel handbrake that requires more maintenance than all the rest of the car 😉 I’m sure your handbrake cable needs to be replaced. Ones the plastic clamp under the car cracks it gets stuck below freezing. I have the same thing but been too lacy to have it replaced even though it doesn’t cost much.
          They changed the system completely for the sport sedan to make it trouble free.
          Which it is.

        • I think this is a common Saab problem. Our 1999 has the same problem. Last year I had a flash freeze while the tires were being changed! Luckily one of the guys there knew how to ‘unstuck’ it, apparently you can just reach behind the wheel and pull on the cable. But it is very stupid that you’re not able to use your hand brake during winter.

          • Frozen parking brake cable is common among all car makers,
            They ofthen crack, and water get into it. With my old citroen i had replace handbrake cable every 2nd year. My old 99 also tended to get stuck once in a while. Wet brake drums will freeze whatever you do with them. Just don’t pull the handbrake when the undercarrige has been dragged through the snow. Its common sense for people in northern part of scandinavia.

    • Sorry to hear Ted, glad he lived so long. Gotta love that Lake Effect snow huh? This was a wild one I hear, according to relatives at home in Buffalo. So crazy that it hasn’t stopped all week, down here in NYC not a flake in the sky.

      • Thank you all for the condolences. There is no way to prepare for losing someone who has been a pillar in your life for so many, many years. Very difficult. I am happy though that we had one last adventure together that was Saab-related. I took him with me to Virginia in a cold 2003 January to pick up a 66 Saab. In spite of advancing senility, he talked about “the trip” for several years thereafter. If you care to look at this 100-year collage, you’ll see him in front of that Saab the day after.

  4. Cool! But it seems to have no rear window. Not good. I do like the colour fading from grey to white though. Get a window fitted, sort the rear lights out and build it!

  5. Nice. I have seen the same snow-improvement on a Saab 99 once.

    Snow really helps. I wonder if the car designer use snow to try some new shapes for existing cars.

  6. “Actually, it’s just a Saab 9-5 sedan”

    Wow, you really got me fooled there for a moment…………..

  7. du you need more employes in your company? for that company car i’d drive everyday from gmunden to vienna. 😉
    i’d also love to know where i left my 9-3. it must be under a big bunch of snow somewhere here…

    have fun!

  8. Waw ! Shaped by the wind, and in a lovely manner. That could be a new design for Saab, instead of the very very old for now aviation heritage, Saab could talk about Swedish Aeolus Made.

  9. Swade,

    kindly send this one to Jason Castriota – it is quite inspiring (nature does make stream-lined designs – doesn’t it?).

    Though not so much inspiring for a “2-door coupé”: instead strongly for a “4-door hatch-back” – several comments here indicated that correctly. I feel that the 9-5 is too “grown-up” and well-sized (I do not say “big” – on purpose) for to be built as a coupe version – better fitting to have that as a 9-3 version… (my 5 cents)

    Thanks for the picture, the 9-5 owner had a good eye for situation and “design”.

  10. If that were here in Vancouver the driver would drive around with the whole rear screen obscured. DOH!!

    That snow covered 9-5 looks better with the snow than the Panamera does without snow. Anyone else think the Panamera is beyond ugly?

  11. detailed november registrations for austria were available – still low -but more than november 2008 and 2009

    7-saab 9-3 3-petrol 4diesels
    9-saab 9-5 4-petrol 5diesels (there where 5 volvo s80 sold in nov – and 97 audi a6)

  12. Fascinating how the wind sculpted the lines into a hatch! Really shows how much Saab has already put into the design of the 9-5. And I would l love to see a pic of a Panamera in the same snow depth, heheh. This “snowed” 9-5 looks a lot like that design pic of a Sonett that Swade had up this summer (?) from T-Chin .

  13. Hello Stefan
    Greeting from Vienna too

    The Shape of the possible Coupe Looks Not Bad but to much like an Audi A5.. But very interesting

  14. Let me add my congratulations – to both the new owner and his company!
    They display outstanding courage and excellent taste!
    I hope, we’ll see more and more new SAABs in Austria!

    And, by the way, we could use some more courage, too.
    Our education system is in bad need of a change.

    • Really? I’ve never heard that rule. Of course, it usually doesn’t stay very cold for very long here in Gothenburg. But maybe I should stop routinely using the parking brake at all times…

      We have a few Volvo V70s in the office car pool, and we have a rule to never use the parking brake in them. Pool cars sometimes stand around for a week or two without being used, and apparently the V70 parking brake is likely to get stuck when that happens. Nothing to do with cold weather, though, could happen at any time of year. I’m not sure why. Rust, maybe? I don’t think the same rule applies to the 9-3 that we also have in the pool.

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