I think this is an ad for something

With thanks to Tobias…..


OK, distractions over…. it’s a Ferrari V12 sound simulator made by Soundracer. The sound comes through your car speakers.

How it works:

SoundRacer detects the small signals from the alternator on the 12V system in the car, it does not use ignition pulses. That is why it also works on diesel cars. Manual or automatic transmission makes no differense for SoundRacer, it works on both types but of course the rpm response is different on automatic transmission cars with hydraulic tourqe convertes, the rpm increases as soon as you press the gas pedal.

A built in FM transmitter transfers the sounds on a selectable frequency to the car stereo system.

Cool. And if the Soundracer people are looking in, I’d love to try one 🙂

22 thoughts on “I think this is an ad for something”

  1. The journey begins outside Mechanical Engineering’s old building at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, at Gibraltargatan (street).

  2. Fun toy, but the Saab engines sounds nice anyway! 😉
    By the way, what colour has the 9-5 in the video? It seems like some sort of test vehicle colour from Rüsselsheim! 😮

  3. Sorry, what was this about again? I mean, good looking girl, good looking car…. how are we supposed to notice anything else?

  4. Thanks…I just bought one from Amazon for my sons birthday next month. Can’t wait to borrow it!

  5. This would be great in the Viggen when on the track but not annoying to others on the way home. I think Switzerland would be a great market as they enforce very strict decibel limits on vehicles.

  6. hmm, but why does she have a parking permit for disabled? She looked healthy to me, perhaps it´s a fake so she can park for free? Either way she should remove it from the dash before racing 🙂

  7. Best recipe is to do what we did with our rally 99 Turbos. Straight 2 1/2 inch pipe by Ferrita, from the exhaust mainfold also by Ferriita. The only sound damping is the tune garret turbo. The sound is just perfect.

    Sound in a SAAB go for V-cockpit on the phone and connect to speakers. Previously featured hera at SU. Aircraft sounds when pulling up or banking the SAAB superiority fighter!

    What shall we do about the poor sales of 9-5´s, spoke to a diver guy from ovloV yesterday on a diving vessel here in Thailand yesterday. Even ovloV people fear for SAAB´s future. More than Saab people here at SU and Saab management.
    — How in the world is SAAB going to survive the long grueling mounts before the new bread and butter models arrive?
    The ovloV people seems to be well informed about what is going on some miles upstreams Göta River. They are now in an avkward position cannot deliver enough XC60. Demand exceeds production. Sweet issue…..

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