More Saab 9-4x from Boston

John McF went along to the New England Auto Show today and emailed me the following:

The Saab stand was quite a lively place tonight. I was very impressed with the amount of people flocking Saab. I am biased but I would say it was the most impressive display at the show.

And yes, we have a few photos as well of the black Saab 9-4x.

The 9-4x looks great and it’s fantastic to see Saab bring their beautiful Saab stand to the New England show.

Thanks to John for the info.

28 thoughts on “More Saab 9-4x from Boston”

  1. Beautifuuuuul! Great to here these reports. What would I do without SU??… Hm.. probably work.. 😉

  2. That look like the entrylevel 9-4X. Like it, hoping for more photos of the interieor as well.

  3. The more I see this blue-tinted section of the headlights I like it more and more. I would love to see that adapted to all other models as well. Anybody agree or disagree with me on that point?

    • Hard to really tell from pictures, but the blue headlights on the 9-4X seem overdone to me, I much prefer the subtler treatment of the 9-5.

  4. I’m glad that the base model has the same fascia as he Aero.

    Now they’ll never know if people cheap out 😀

    • BMW has done so for very long time here in Sweden. They all look the same but it’s hard to tell the difference.

  5. I like it and I think it is a very good line extension. As I showed it to a friend he was really surprised (in a positive way) I think this car is gonna rock and I can’t wait to testdrive it. Even when the decision to drop my convert is very very hard, I really consider of buying one. So I have another year with my convert before I have to decide.

  6. Sorry to say that the 9-4x looks so ordinary/averege. Looks like any small size SUV could have been a Korean or Japaneze car. It does not stand out in any way. Must say the sibling from Cadillac that comes out of the same Mexican plant has a better unique look.
    Feels like it is going to be yet another side-track in Saab history just like the 9-7 and 9-2.

    Also there is the feel that the cars are revealed to early, who want to buy a car a year later when there is a great chance someone else have something better out on the market.
    Just look at ovloV they show a new car and the car can be bought just a few months later.
    Also ovloV seams to be good at keeping their bosses mouths shut. Ever heard a ovloV manager talk about a future model 26 months down the line.
    I hope that people around the globe will find the great qualities of the PRESENT 9-3 and 9-5.

    Why not come up with a world-wide initiative that if You buy a PRESENT 9-3 and then in the fall of 2012 wants a 9-3, Saab would trade that car in for a preset value.
    Toyota used similar tactics in Sweden in the 1980 ies with fixed trade in prices.

    • Sorry but what you say is not fair, the 9-4x is being presented in the USofA, where you will be able to buy it in March/April. Yes it will take longer till the car comes to Europe, but in 2010 the concept of local News doesn’t exist any more.

      And regarding the next 9-3, I think they have to do it. They have to create some hype on that car, make people believe on Saab again, and simply tell people to wait a little bit more if they don’t want to buy just another “GM” 9-3.

      BTW, look at Audi. Last month the whole motor press was talking about the Audi A4 hybrid that may come in 2014, no specs about the car, no info whatsoever, only the fact that Audi will launch a A4 hybrid in 2014. (it won’t be even based on the current A4)

      Jörgen, what is worse Saab owners buying another brand or Saab owners waiting for the next 9-3?

    • Sorry to say that the 9-4x looks so ordinary/averege. Looks like any small size SUV could have been a Korean or Japaneze car. It does not stand out in any way. Must say the sibling from Cadillac that comes out of the same Mexican plant has a better unique look.
      Feels like it is going to be yet another side-track in Saab history just like the 9-7 and 9-2.

      I tend to agree, Jörgen. At least when I saw it in this great article coloured in black with that wheel combination, it really looks Korean/Japanese/ordinary. That said: I didn’t react that way when I saw it in silver or white wth propersized wheels. Looking forward though to see it in flesh, alot of things can change then.
      I don’t think though that this CUV will be the same side track and black holes is SAAB’s history as the 9-2/7X created. Time will show.

      Have a nice weekend, all! 🙂

      Cheers from Norway
      Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

      • Here’s my 2 öre on the subject. The 9-4X definitely looks really good for a SUV and if it drives like a Saab (ok no low center gravity in this case) it is a SAAB. It’s also a crucial car in the ‘save Saab project’ in terms of revenue creation.
        In all fairness the base 9-3SS (Linear) looked anything but impressive imo when it was introduced in 03. No color matched door handles, unpainted grey body parts and so on. Now it’s real Saab like any other.

        Does anybody know why it takes so long to get the 9-5SC out? ovloV could send Saab a big check and a thank you note for all I know. (V70 sales).

    • It’s the base model, not the Aero, so it’s not unusual that it would look somewhat less “hot” than the model seen in LA.

      Still looks fantastic to my eye, though, and I’d put one of these on my wall 10 times over before I even cast an eye on the SRX (or any Cadillac). Art and Science? Nice slogan, but that’s about all. Compliments to Cadillac on improving their quality and I wish them well, but that’s a design language that I can’t stomach.

      Showing this car now is perfectly OK. It was either LA or Detroit and they aren’t going to Detroit. New York’s also a big show, but not as big as LA.

    • Why not come up with a world-wide initiative that if You buy a PRESENT 9-3 and then in the fall of 2012 wants a 9-3, Saab would trade that car in for a preset. value

      Jörgen, I like this. Much better than hefty incentives right now.

      Me, is that 130hp TTiD exactly the same engine as the 180hp?

      • I think so.
        And if you look at the planed Hirsch updates for that engine(s), it looks like more income will flow to St. Gallen than to Trollhättan.
        They have listed an Upgrade to 200hp for the 180hp TTiD and the 160hp TTiD engine.
        And the same is with the petrol engines. They have listed an update to 240hp for the 210hp XWD engine and for the 163hp XWD engine, all though the later one is not available.

  7. I think the size of the wheels on the 9-4X is the answer. It looks much better with larger wheels on.

    • Yes it does, but these wheels are not small at all, 18 inches… The Aero wheels are 20 inches. However, I think the Saab 9-4X looks nice as a base model too, but I think one has to see it in reality to really appreciate it. It would be really nice to see one in Crystal Red metallic. 🙂

  8. They picked the wrong wheel package!!! Those wheels look awful. What is with the plastic trim. that does not look good either.

  9. Looks like a gussied up Chevy Equinox (GMC Envoy?) with a SAAB grill and dash. Nothing new here.. Just the same old rebadging like the 9-2x, 9-7. Very dissapointing indeed.

    If this is what SAAB is banking on to save it from it’s own demise than G-d help us! Why would anyone buy a SAAB 9-4X when the competition has better equipped vehicles for way less with a more solid dealer network and reputation?

    I really love SAAB and have owned three 9000 sedans and even a 1982 SAAB 900 Turbo (which had lots of warts but still lovable). I recently traded my 2007 9-3 (horrible car, interior plastic peeled itself to death, rattles, a/c issues, tranny went at 25k, and so on and so on) for a new VW CC 2.0t that is also much cheaper than the 2011 9-5 and it handles better than my torque steer laden, Vauxhall/SAAB 9-3!

    Waiting until 2012 to have a new 9-3 is too little too late. The new 2011 9-5 although very svelte and beautiful is too late to market, too expensive and not in the least competitive to offerings from the Japanese and domestic manufacturers (Buick).

    If Victor thinks he can save the brand with the current offerings than he either knows something that we do not already know (industry wise) or has a great escape plan for himself when the financing runs out.

    I hope Victor has a golden parachute! Ouch!

    • I guess you havn’t seen many 9-2X or 9-7X, because this car looks much more like a Saab than those. And don’t forget to look at the Alfa 164 next to a Saab 9000, when talking about rebadging.

      I like the 9-4x, it’s much better then the privous attempt (9-7x).

    • In these days with platform-sharing etc, one should be very distinct when using the word “badge engineering”. Badge engineering is trying to fool the customer in buying something that really is somethin else. Platform-sharing is something totally different, cars are developed side by side, but still with different focus. Drive a Skoda Octavia and a Audi A3 and you will find these cars as far from eachother possible. To me, the most singnificant difference is between sister-cars Ford Mondeo and Volvo V70, the Volvo, although not me cup of tea feels really solid and weel-built, while the Ford is torture to drive (so much that I actually had to go back to the rental-company and get an OG 9-5 for the remaining week.).
      And comparing a smaller VW to a larger Saab is just silly, why should someone pay more for a VW?

    • Bjorn, the pealing dash was extremely annoying but I had the parts replaced under factory warranty. A 2007 car had to be under one? I’ve seen for example French cars that have been much much worse. Door handles, window switches, the works.

      On the torque steer. Thanks to GM’s attempt (ones again) to save a couple of bucks, Saab was forced to change the hydraulic powersteer. With a set of sporty fat tires torque steer became an issue especially around the time you owned the 9-3. Dealers becoming in love with the 17” wheels turned many away after the test drive. (a very conservative 205/55-16 has always worked great for the 9-3)

      The new 9-5 has no steering issues now that their back with an even refined (hydraulic) powersteer. What a shame the 9-3 was a disappointment for you. Hope you can come back home one day.

  10. One thing, in a swedish car magazine lately, they tested the Cadillac SRX as a preview of the 9-4X, and one thing that scared me was that it had the U-rail system and the same LCD in the center of the speedometer. I thought these details was Saab-exclusive! Too bad…

  11. I have to say, i really hate the rear lights. they look soo wierd. why not take the 9-5 light and put them on, they look fantastic.

    really ruins the back off the car……:(

  12. All that plastic really sets this thing off doesn’t it.? This thing offers nothing that has not been done already. Maybe the night panel will help sell it. This thing will sell average at best. The 97x looked much better even with the platform sharing. Nothing to see here….move along….

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