Saab 9-4x to make European debut in Brussels(?)

I’ve included a question mark in the headline as it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, but I’ve received some indications that the Saab 9-4x might make its European debut at the Brussels Motor Show, which is on in January 2011.

I received this info third party from someone in Belgium. An email seeking some confirmation from a contact of my own drew what’s best referred to as a winking non-denial 😉

So…. not definite yet, but if you’re in the region then pencil in the 15-23 of January next year as what is quite likely to be your first opportunity to see the production version of the Saab 9-4x for the first time.

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    • Per, I think it´s actually good not to know exactly when the facelift is going to be done. just let it out when the car is ready to be ordered, otherwise i think it affect current sales wish is not good, Dont you think?

      I´m not sure that january is the best time to show the 9-4X in europe. The early focus takes the news value from the real launch later this year. To showing cars to early is (for me) a mixed feeling, I´m split about it, if it´s good or bad…… don´t know?

      • Tomas, it should be OK. The 9-4x won’t come to Europe until August and as has been documented thoroughly, the interest will be mainly amongst those who don’t mind the cost of running it.

        A January reveal, some seven months before the roll-out, shouldn’t be disruptive. Saab have done some reveals (as have others) with more lead time than this. The 9-5 was revealed 9 months before it appeared in showrooms.

        • Swade, I hope you´re right and I know thats the way things work but does it have to be the right way? For an new modell (yes) for an update (no). Time frame wise I think the importent thing is that ordering it should be possible.

          An example. I talked to an dealer the same day the 9-5 was released in Sweden and he sad to me that he sold 7 9-5:s on the opening day. Waw i thought and I´ve not seen those car out on the road. So I think that these orders is pree orders for the SC most of them, and thats allmost a year til relese. Or just taken names til it can be ordered.
          An other option is that he lied but lets hope not, hes a great guy by the way.

      • lala,
        we should learn to respect different opinions, and stop talking in unproven one-sided facts. 😉

    • I am a bit slow on the uptake.

      Could someone explain me the purpose of V6 diesels? I thought diesel got popular over here because of reduced taxes and frugal consumption. This leads to smaller diesel engines. A V6 diesel seems a bit out of place..?

      • Rune it is quite easy (at least from a German point of view). People like to have a High power engine, but many can’t afford to pay the leasing rate and the petrol costs.
        BTW, those people will tell you they drive a Diesel because of the environment, see CO2 footprint.
        On the other side, such Diesels have higher taxes here that the petrol counterparts and normally a higher insurance fee, and are a bit more expensive, so you have to drive 25.000 or more kilometres per year to equalize those costs with the lower consumption of a diesel engine.

        My 2 cents.
        (This opinion is mine a copyrighted by Me)

  1. Everyone just chill, OK. It’s a contentious issue.

    Deto’s comment is fundamentally irrelevant because the decision – however desirable or otherwise – is already made. We know it. We’ve done it to death and we don’t need to do it again. This squeaky wheel isn’t going to get oiled any time soon.

    Comments closing in 3…..

  2. Last year we drove ourselves to Belgium to see the new 9-5 for the first time and were so impressed by the car ‘in real’… If the 9-4x debuts in Brussels this Januari, I guess we’re going to make a trip up there again to see if this car also looks (even) better then on the pictures. Exciting times! Can’t wait to see this beauty.

  3. I find it also a pity that the 9-4 X isn’t availible with diesel engines but whe can’t change it. As a SAAB dealer I can tell you that, despite the lack of a diesel, whe have sold already some and this without knowing prices etc…
    Due to the lack of, we won’t sell as many as Audi Q5 but , for now, we can sell SAAB’s again.
    The management at SAAB know what they are doing within the financial margins.
    We had a bad time, their is still a lot of work to do, but bright future is ahead of us. It is up to us to believe in SAAB. Spread the words that SAAB is alive and kicking…..

  4. A family member is on the Brussels’ autosalon every year with motorbikes and she said that this year the salon is focussed on trucks and vans and not on passengers/luxury cars. Taking a look at the website learns the same. So, I think it’s save to say that the 9-4x won’t be introduced in Brussels.

    • Robert, those are the Exhibitors groups that will be in Brussels

      Group 1: Light commercial vehicles (max. 7.500 kg)

      * 1a Vehicles intended for goods transport
      * 1b Vehicles intended for passenger transport
      * 1c Special vehicles

      Group 2: Recreational vehicles

      * 2a SUV – 4x 4
      * 2b Mono volumes – Breaks
      * 2c Other vehicles (Convertibles included)

      Group 3: Superstructures (construction) and trailers for light commercial vehicles

      Group 4: Accessories, parts and equipment for light commercial vehicles

      Group 5: Bodywork, tuning, parts and accessories for recreational vehicles

      Group 6: Services and information for light commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles

      Group 7: Motorcycles

      Group 8: Recreational motorcycles

      Group 9: Motorcycle accessories, parts and equipment for motorcyclists – Tuning & superstructure

      Group 10: Motorcycle services and information – Publications

      Group 11: Aviation

      Group 12: Accessories, parts, equipment – services and information for aviation

      Group 13: Media

      Group 14: Animations – Attractions – Exhibitions

      Group 11 would be OK for Saab, but I think the 9-4x fits quite well into Group 2a.
      The final exhibitors list will be available as from January.

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