Saab Christmas wishes from Facebook fans

Over at the Saab Newsroom, they’ve taken the 3,000 Facebook photos that fans have loaded up and created a Christmas mosaic for people to enjoy.

OK, so there’s not much detail there, but visit the larger version and there’s much more to see…..

These are all images set up by fans of Saab on their Facebook page. If you haven’t given it the official thumbs up yet, you might want to check it out.

If you’ve submitted an image, your task is to find it!


Thx “Me”

6 thoughts on “Saab Christmas wishes from Facebook fans”

  1. I’ve actually been quite impressed with Saab’s Facebook presence. They’re very active in posting, but not *pushy* active, and the posts are usually interesting. They’re putting together a Facebook based Saab club directory and there are some absolutely fantastic Saab photos that users have posted there.

    Well done Saab Facebook!

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