Saab GB sales data – November 2010

It’s time for another round of Saab sales data, this time from the third of Saab’s three largest markets, Great Britain.


November sales

There were 594 Saabs registered in GB during November. This is up 219% from the 186 that were registered in the same month in 2009.

So far in 2010, there have been 5,148 Saabs registered in GB, which is 28.27% down from the number registered YTD in 2009.


This looks like a great result for November but I’m not popping the champagne corks without knowing what the numbers represent.

The US and GB are now on an unofficial caution list due to some history with getting dealers to register vehicles. These look like sales but don’t represent actual deliveries to customers.

Until I hear something different, it’s a cautious “well done” to everyone in the motherland.

11 thoughts on “Saab GB sales data – November 2010”

  1. Because of the way our registration plates tell you when a car was new, it’s relatively easy to take a totally unscientific straw-poll – I’d have to hazard a guess that I’m seeing considerably more 60-plate (new from 1Sept10 onwards) Saabs than 59-plate (1Mar10-31Aug10) and especially 10-plate (1Sept09-28Feb10) on the roads.

    Not many 9-5s yet, though.

  2. Hello,
    If not posted to comments earlier, here it comes. Sales numbers from Finland. November 16pcs 9-3 and 9-5 19pcs, total 35. long way to go back to precrisis level. Annual level before crisis was about 1800-2200pcs. Almost 200 cars per month. So still long long way to go.

  3. I remember the discussion from about 15 years ago when the UK wanted to go away from the spike in registrations in September, as new number plates were issued then, to a system where sales were smother over the year. Now they have two spikes and two all important months to hit for the car companies.

    What a fantastic reform that must have turned out to be, eh?

    • It was more a case, IIRC, of they were starting to run out of registrations within a year – hence going to two changes per year, then the 2001 change in format increased the number of combinations available anyway.

      The industry loves it – it gives them something to market to the “Keep-up-with-Joneses” brigade. Oooh, you can’t let the neighbours think you’ve got _last year’s_ car…?!?

  4. Sorry for the repetition, but I put these figures on December 4th in Swedish car sales‘ post, and perhaps some of you hadn’t heard about them.

    I got the French figures.
    Saab sold 51 cars in November (49,5% less than in 2009). In 2010 464 Saabs (68,7% less than in 2009) have been sold.

    And also the Polish ones…
    21 cars sold in November (26 in Nov 2009), and 147 from January to November (374 in 2009).

    And the Greek ones…
    14 cars sold in November (68 in 2009), and 220 from January to November (743 in 2009).

    …and some old Slovakian figures (November ones aren’t still available).
    8 cars sold in October, and 62 from January to October.

  5. Jonathan Nash, Managing Director of Saab GB, said: “The increase in sales has been helped in no small part by the recent launch of our revised 9-3 TTiD range. I think people are genuinely surprised that a small independent company like Saab can produce the most powerful sub 120gkm on sale today, seemingly from nowhere. The benefits to both private and business buyers alike are clear – a tax efficient car with zero road fund licence in the first year and an impressive 180PS engine that does not require any compromise in performance. It’s no surprise of course to those who know Saab – you don’t spend 30 years developing turbocharged engines without learning a thing or two about it.

    The quote is from the official press release, thus we shouldn’t believe everything they say. But it seems like the sales data is not faked and the Brits are really buying low-CO2 9-3s.


  6. One marketing plan that I always admired Jonathan Nash for was his balance between fleet, Pre-reg vehicles vs. private sales. It seems that when SAAB were selling around 15,000 vehicles in the UK used priced were fairly stable (despite whatcar?’s assumptions of poor residuals.)
    I’d be very surprised that a lot of these 5 thousand odd sales in the UK were pre-registered and if any, are more likely the odd ex-demo as opposed to the ‘dumping’ tactics that all manufacturers got into between 2007 and 2009 which ultimately ended in over production problems and turmoil within the industry.

  7. I think the number is encouraging even if some dealers are involved. What Saab really needs is sales that will convince others to follow. I wonder how many are 9-5s? It looks like the 9-3 TTiD is succesful which is good but I would really want to see 9-5 sales increase.

  8. i am pleased saab is doing so well here in the uk after the reviews from our motoring two work mates both drive audis and are bewildered as to why i drive saabs althogh they seem oddly blind to audis reliability survey results .one of them in particular has several prolems with his own.these sales do look good though since in general most manufacturers are struggling.

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