Saab Germany sales data – November 2010

Sorry I’ve not done a small market sales data post, and the inclusion of small markets in comments rather than via email makes it quite laborious to search and extract the information.

BUT, I really wanted to do an entry for this one as it’s the first time in a long time that German Saab sales have been in three figures for a month.

There were 100 Saabs sold in Germany during November 2010.

51 of them were 9-3s (23 diesels, 3 XWD, 21 Convertibles). 49 of them were 9-5s (8 diesel, 23 XWD).

Saab Germany have sold 659 vehicles in 11 months, so to sell 100 of those in just one month is an impressive turnaround.

Maybe the tide is turning, albeit slowly.


This news comes directly on the back of the head of Saab Germany tendering his resignation, effective December 31.


And whilst we’re in Germany….

Could this be the first public appearance of the Saab 9-5 wagon?


Or just some fun with winter snow?


Thanks to Till and Alexandros.

31 thoughts on “Saab Germany sales data – November 2010”

  1. “There were 100 Saabs sold in Germany during November 2001.”
    I think it must be 2010. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway – I think Saab must sell in Germany. I really don’t understand why that has been a problem. But perhaps it has something to do with Opel. Some commentators on AMS has claimed that Opels bad results in Sweden the last 15 – 20 years has all to do with Saab trying to push them out of the market with foul play.
    I think that sounds ridiculous, but if that is the case, maybe Opel did something similar on its home turf?

    Or maybe I have just become saturated with stupid comments on AMS and others…?

    Ny the way, Your article about Saab-hatred in Swedish media has become AMS top article regarding the number of comments. 453 right now. Some are utterly stupid.

  2. Hans H: something that might have happened is that previous Opel&Saab deakerships gave up on Saab. Whether this was somehow “induced” by Opel, and whether it affected sales, I cannot tell.

    Isn’t that 9-5 in the photograph a US version? So, probably not a car owned by some German who had “fun with snow”? Looks as if the image was really taken in Germany (crane etc.)

  3. Swade,
    this no 9-5 SC, this is the 9-5 Hatch , which was aimed to be the surprise in Geneva ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But this is no surprise any more .-(

  4. Nice to see a large amount of the 9-5’s are XWD. German readers, are these XWD figures representing the overall XWD sales in Germany?

  5. Germany was never one of the big markets for Saab, I think. Looking at Dutch (NL) figures, Saab sells almost the same amount of cars they sell in big Germany.

    Netherlands: November 2010: 52 cars (522 total year). In November 2009 33 Saabs were sold. In the Netherlands most fleet-owners aren’t ordering cars anymore after November 15th, so 52 is an impressive amount of cars being sold.

    • With a fully functioning dealer network, a 9-5 SC 3.0 TTiD Saab could be big in Germany. They seem to have the most respect of all the major markets towards Trollhรคttan. Just think about the hundreds of thousands of engineers working there! (potential Saab buyers)

      • The dealer network in germany is ano of the main problems . under GM most of old saab dealers were forced out and replaced by Opel dealers. They had no real interest in SAAB and also had no real contact to the saab community.
        many sales persons had no idea about saab history and heritage. you cant sell cars if you donยดt understand the brand

  6. Sorry, didn’t know that the indicators are amber. That wasn’t the case on the car presented at IAA last year. Weird. Need to see the only surviving Saab dealer in Munich real soon now.

    If that’s no snow mass, but the wagon, it might well turn out to satisfy both groups, those wanting a wagon, and those prederring a hatch. Silhouette looks good.

    It’s a bit of fun with winter snow. See the comment from Andre, above. He’s the dealer. – SW

    • It’s really a normal 9-5 Aero V6 XWD, ordered from one of our customers. At the day it arrieved here in Dresden, it snowed very much. So the car was on the truck and arrived with this silhouette. It looked a little bit like wagen/hatch, that’s why we send it to Steven ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m going to start crying now.

    I really want to order the new wagon or hatch now.

    The song Release me by Oh Laura must be about the new 9-5 wagon that want to be… released ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Saab should be selling at least 1000 cars per month on a market like Germany but it is the old GM/Opel heritage that is a problem. This will take time to get rid of. Of course 100 cars is better than nothing, but those numbers are truly pathetic. Saab deserves far better sales than that.

  9. Maybe they should have snow as a cover of the car (like the picture) and blow it of when they reveal the new 9-5 wagon in Vienna next year ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. For example Volvo/ovlov sold about 380 cars in austria in october . about 160 were XC60s
    germany should really have the potential selling 1000 cars per month. i t also must be possible for saab in austria to sell between 50 and 100 cars a month.
    improve the dealer network. motivate those opel dealers to do more for saab. (most of the have only a saab logo on their website – but no inventory and no info about new models

    the newest dealer in austria autostahl (i think he sells saab since may 2010) has some nice actions for saab drivers. if you make your year service you get the “jahresvignette” for our highways (costs about 80 euros) . he also changes your saab badge if while you are making a test drive with the new 9-5 . i hope other dealers will follow .

    • “he also changes your saab badge if while you are making a test drive with the new 9-5 ”
      -That sounds like a great idea, scrappy looking badges makes an otherwise nice car look scrappy, it should be in the dealers and Saab autos interest that all scrappy badges were exchanged.

  11. Sales figures for Japan:
    (Tokyo-based PCI Co. Ltd is the new importer since September)

    November 2010 – 8
    November 2009 – 8

    Jan-Nov 2010 – 50
    Jan-Nov 2009 – 174

    +700% since october ๐Ÿ™‚
    (yeah I knowโ€ฆ)

  12. Here is an article from AMS Germany (to remind you again AMS means Audi Motor Sport):
    (“A6 challenges the business class”)

    It’s a “comparison” between the new A6, Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 series.

    In the survey you can choose your favorite “business class” car between BMW 5er, Audi A6, Mercedes E-class, Chrysler 300C (!), Volvo S80 Infiniti M (!), Lexus GS, Jaguar XF.

    No sign of the 9-5. The Germans just ignore Saab…maybe one reason why Hรคnggi had to leave…

  13. What an opportunity it would have been to be able to push the TTiD Saabs in Continental Europe as the real winter cars from Sweden now that it’s snowing everywhere…

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