Saab ‘Independence Day’ edition coming in 2011

Let me take you back to February last year and a quote from Victor Muller (direct to me via email).

I propose to call the actual closing day, which will be in the coming week, Independance Day and celebrate it year after year. vic

Exactly what this will look like is a little unclear at this point. But it seems there are plans afoot to celebrate Saab’s independence with a limited number of cars created especially for the occasion. The name “Independence Day Edition” is what I’ve heard but is not definite.

The whispers that I’ve heard indicate only the following.

There will be a limited edition of 365 vehicles, plus one for the number of years independent from GM. So for 2011 there will be 365+1 Independence Day Edition vehicles produced. For 2012 there will be 365+2, etc.

Initial indications are that the Saab 9-5 will be included but things were a little fuzzy as to whether the Saab 9-3 would be included as well (i.e. a mixture of 9-5 and 9-3, totalling 366 in all for 2011).

I’ll keep you posted if I hear any more, but they sound interesting. The anniversary of Saab’s independence from GM is on February 23, 2011.

Thanks to Djup Strupes.

26 thoughts on “Saab ‘Independence Day’ edition coming in 2011”

  1. And hopefully, we’ll see a 2011.5 9-3 Griffin sometime soon as well. Maybe the announcement is part of Independence Day celebration? Who knows!

  2. I absolutely agree. Saab should highlight how much they have achieved during only one year of independence with an early release of the 2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin with Hirsch leather door handles and Hirsch steering wheel with the white insert, BLS glove compartment button and BLS leather upholstery, a new TomTom-based in-dash navigation system and a new radio…. I only wish this could come true 🙁

  3. 366 Independence Day Saab cars worldwide from the 1st independence Year. This means in average about 7-8 cars per market, maybe in a model mixture.
    Does anybody know of more unique Saab cars?
    There must be more that 366 Saab nuts in the world willing to pay anything to get one of those.

    • I know I might alienate a few regulars, including maestro Swade, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to resurrect the Viggen nameplate. No other model has been so harmful to Saab than the Viggen. If SAAB is still associated with torque steer, you can thank the Viggen. Sure, sure, it ‘s an enthusiast’s car, there’s a «rescue kit» to correct part of the problem etc. Mainstream journalists and buyers don’t know this and don’t care to know. That’s the way the torque steers.

  4. We did get a notice yesterday that not only are we migrating off all of GM’s systems (ordering and locating cars, etc.) by February, we will also have a special event to celebrate Saab’s independence- wasn’t entirely specific, but there’s definitely something cool coming 🙂

    • ….that not only are we migrating off all of GM’s systems (ordering and locating cars, etc.) by February,….

      Seems like we are having a date for the new !!! 🙂

    • Sport chassis and 18″ wheels kills the 9-3 every time. Didn’t they (Saab GB) learn anything from last time? This is a REP car, not something you hone around the track! Geez it’s frustrating.

  5. Does this mean I’ll be able to get a 9-3 with Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith or Bill Pullman in the trunk?

    Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week.

  6. Is this Saabs version of my idea presented here long time ago of making an SaabsUnited limited edition?
    Just hope Saab management does not make the same stupid mistake as with the color selection of the UK Carlsson edition. White! I know Erik was NOT pleased with the color. It should of course had been RED! Any Saab enthusiast would have known. But marketing seams to only view cold snowy white Scandinavian nowadays.
    Just ask Björn Ebvall what he thinks about white Saabs. You guessed right!

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