Saab of Edmonton added to Canadian Saab dealers

When I posted the listing of Saab Dealers in Canada back in August, there was at least one big Canadian city that had been left off the list – Edmonton. I’m pleased to let you know that that situation seems to have been remedied.

Saab of Edmonton are in the process of preparing their facilities as they await the shipment of some significant stock.

Richard P, a regular here at SU, called in there to say hello. My thanks to him for sending this through.


Hi Steven,

Earlier this morning I was able to drop by the new Saab of Edmonton dealer and have a chat with one of the guys there . We had a pretty good chat and I came away with the feeling that the guys behind this new Saab venture are working hard to get Saab on the map for northern Alberta.

The new site is actually the old Daewoo building and it looks like they moved in very recently. The Daewoo signage is still up on the side of the building as well as streetside, but they do have one of those trailer-mounted signage setups at roadside as a temporary sign (see attached photo) so it’s fairly easy to spot that it’s a Saab dealer.

The group ownership behind the dealer is the Daytona Automotive Group who have been around since 1974. To give you an idea of how strong the backing is with this group, they have about $3 million dollars worth of stock in their back lot at the moment that includes Ferraris, Lambo’s and a number of other exotics. They also do not have the “floor plan” inventory system that ties sales and stock to a banker’s schedule. The stock purchases come out of their own pockets. Those are deep pockets.

They had initially placed an order for about 20 Saabs for the first shipment, but they have now more than doubled that with a total of 47 Saabs (yeah… 47!) coming in mid-January. A handful of those already have deposits on them and are considered sold. That is GREAT news. I was told there will be 9-3s, 9-3x’s and 9-5s in that shipment with a good selection of options and transmissions amongst them. All will be 2011 models. By March, they said they will be able to place orders for the 9-4x with delivery of those happening sometime around June 2011.

The showroom is pretty basic at the moment and appears to simply be what Daewoo left behind. There were 3 cars on the floor, one of which is visible through the window in my attached photo. There are at least 5 or 6 used Saabs on the lot looking in excellent shape and priced very attractively. One is a 2008 9-3 Aero for only $24K. VERY tempting for me, but I love my hatch or would want a SportCombi.

I also noticed that there is an extension under construction behind the showroom which I assume will be the new servicing bays. I love my indie mechanic, but once their service center is up and running I will get my Saab in there for an oil change or something similar just to show my appreciation.

We discussed the fact that I had heard of the new dealership from my indie Saab mechanic. From that I gathered that Saab was considering using this indie shop as the authorized service center until there was a dealer here. This was mostly due to the fact that the local GM dealer where Saab customers were sent had no Saab training or half a clue on how to service Saabs. However, that deal didn’t materialize, but I’m guessing it’s because they had Daytona Automotive Group signed up.

Apparently it was always Saab’s intention to get a dealer for northern Alberta, and they had several interested parties, but Saab declined those offers as they were looking for a solid, long term, deep-pocketed investor. This gives me great hope that Saab was that diligent in signing up the best candidate for our local dealer. I can’t wait to see both the 9-3x and the 9-5 in the metal in January!

Cheers from snowy Edmonton!

Richard P

16 thoughts on “Saab of Edmonton added to Canadian Saab dealers”

  1. Good news all around. Richard you beat me to the punch but I am still quite glad none the less. At last I no longer have to go to that horrid Caddy dealership on Jasper Ave where they know less than nothing about Saabs.

    • I’d heard unfavourable stories about that GM dealership on Jasper Avenue as well ,but never did use it simply out of principle really. If I may suggest – at least until Saab of Edmonton is up and running – go see Mark at Mark G Auto on the south side (9935 69 Ave, phone 469-8016) for your Saab servicing. He has been driving and fixing Saabs for well over 20-25 years. He’ll take care of you and your Saab as if it was his own.

  2. Fantastique! Snowy greetings from Québec City also.
    We are very lucky to have a dealer here also. I just wish he would do something do let people know about it!

  3. That sounds great, a financial strong dealer. They mean business, 47 from start.

    Good luck from Sweden!

  4. Apparently it was always Saab’s intention to get a dealer for northern Alberta, and they had several interested parties, but Saab declined those offers as they were looking for a solid, long term, deep-pocketed investor.

    If this happens elsewhere as well… Sounds very promising to me.

    • My conversation at the dealer left me with that feeling as well – very promising indeed. A LOT of work and due diligence has been going on in the background in these past eleven months. Saab must be one of the most agile and focused car manufacturers in the world right now.

  5. Hello everyone my name is Amedeo and I am one of the sales managers at the new SAAB of Edmonton. Just wanted to say Thank-You to “Richard P.” for taking the time to stop by and visit our dealership and to all of you who have commented with such positive words. We a very greatful that “SAAB” has chosen us to represent the brand in Edmonton. We are expecting part of our first shipment of new cars mid Jan., and the rest to follow shortly after, our website is under construction and is expected be launched on Jan. 15. 2011. Since November 23, 2010, when we officially became “SAAB of Edmonton” the reponse has been amazing! I would like to personally invite everyone to stop by and say hello!

  6. I did the 1st service on my 09 xwd because I had no faith in the gm dealer who was assigned the saab servicing. I will be visiting Saab of Edmonton for the next one.

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