Saab to get some visual enhancements

I don’t know about you, but I think this is welcome news:

Stockholm Design Lab’s mission to update the Saab’s graphic identity.

As Media Day earlier on Friday told the Stockholm Design Lab forced to lay off staff after a tough year. The Office can now present a victory – then Stockhom Design Lab rakes in prestige customer Saab.

– Saab went out in one pitch after the summer and we won. It is a very interesting assignment, “said Stockholm Design Lab’s founder and CEO Bjorn Kusoffsky to

What will you do for Saab?

– The mission is very fresh and we’re just formulating it. We are in an initial phase, but Saab will be after a pretty tough time launching new models.

I assume this engagement has to do with brand elements like photography and the nature of graphic presentation. When I first started blogging about Saab they had really cool visuals. The photography seemed to be a bit more stylish with lots of white backgrounds and dynamic angles.

Things have got a bit more generic in the last few years before the Saab sale, presumably due to lower budgets and less commitment from the former owners. Saab made lemonade out of the lemons they were given (the exemplary Saab auto show stand, for instance), but parts of their presentations have lacked a certain element of excitement.

I think a good spring clean will do wonders, especially with new websites coming and new markets to enter.

Thanks Fredrik.

8 thoughts on “Saab to get some visual enhancements”

  1. Woo… good news! I know of the design studio of Stockholm Design Lab really well. They do some really nice work and did the rebranding for SAS (airlines). Really fresh work and typical Swedish design. Will match Saab well.

    their work:


  2. Another good news that however needs some more checking;
    In the Flemish Newspaper De Standaard of today there was an article in the financial part;
    ” Spyker will start selling Saab in China”
    The article describes an agreement between Saab and Chinese CATC for the import and sales of cars and parts in China.
    Goal is to start as of the summer of 2011.
    Contract to be definitively signed early 2011.

  3. Does this mean a new global website template, or does this relate more to motorshow stands, model launch photos ect?

  4. I just hope they don’t change the auto-stands very much, as they are excellent as they are! But after checking out their website I’m sure they’ll do a great job. I really like the job they did for Scandinavian Airlines for instance.

  5. I concur that this is welcome news, provided the results are good, of course.

    Also agree with SW that brand elements such as photography have deteriorated over the last several years. It’s almost as if GM gave up on Saab after the “Born from Jets” campaign – hated by many, but fairly effective and liked by me personally. πŸ™‚

    Saab must also issue marketing and brand guidelines and instruct its dealers worldwide to adhere to them. Some independent dealer marketing efforts, while commendable, features tasteless graphics, typography and photography.

  6. This will be interesting to watch! πŸ™‚
    I wonder if they will change the Saab logotype? Maybe a redesigned Griffin logo? The grey wordmark logo doesn’t work very well on white backgrounds, like on most websites.

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