Saab (unofficial) ad competition update

I’ve taken a few days away from the ad competition because, to be honest, it got pretty exhausting!

I’m hoping to finalise our judging panel in the next few days and over the course of the next week or so, we’ll get to the task of paring down the full list of submissions into a group that’s compact enough to include in a poll.

In the meantime, the ads have now been loaded on to several public sites so that you can view the collection in its entirety.

On Saabs United

If you hover over the “download” link at the top of this website, the ad competiton will appear as one of the links underneath.

Or you can just click here: Saab (unofficial) Ad Competition

Ads have been loaded onto that page in the order they appeared on the website. There are nearly 480 of them, though some are ineligible and may not appear at the links below.


On Facebook

Gallery 1 (200 images)
Gallery 2 (200 images)
Gallery 3 (60 images)

Please make sure you share them around with your other Saaby (and non-Saaby) friends. Show them what a community can do.


On Flickr:

The following collection includes a set for each day of the ad competition: Saab ad competition on Flickr.

Again, please make an effort to share these around with your contacts. Spread the word!


Thanks again to all who gave so much effort in preparing entries for this competition. The calibre of the entries started out very good and just got better and better as people learned from each other and thought a bit more about what was needed for a good, engaging advertisement.

Thanks also to our magnificent sponsors – New Salem Saab, International Saab, ATS, transport services, SoonSaab, State of Nine, Maptun, Elkparts, Saab USA Parts, The Fudge A’fare and a couple of private donors – who have made the outcome all the more interesting 🙂

7 thoughts on “Saab (unofficial) ad competition update”

  1. Nice!

    Understand that it’s a tough job going through all the entries.

    Can’t find my ad though, on the flickr collection- is this a coincidence or am I already erased from further competition? 🙂

    • It may well be that I have to re-check the Flickr entries for completeness, but they should all be there.

      Pls check your email…..

  2. And a very big thank you to you Swade for thinking up the competition. Loved every moment of it, even though I can’t photo shop I enjoyed seeing everyone elses. Well done to All.

  3. Great concept from start to end. I really hope we can do more things like this, it brought a lot of us together, even people who don’t regularly comment. I had a great time and hope others appreciate it as much as I did.

  4. Because I’m not a “friend” of the site I can’t “like” it. Is it possible to open a group page or something, so everyone can “like” it and promote it over their own facebook profile. Has probably much more impact.

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