Saabs arriving in Vancouver – Canada is stocked!

OK, it’s not completely stocked, but Vancouver is as far away from Halifax, where they come off the boat, as a Saab dealer gets. So just about every city with a Saab dealer should have some new Saab stock to look at.

I received these photos earlier today from Jason Powell, the Sales Manager at Springman’s Auto Center in Surrey, BC.

We have one 9-5 base model and four 9-3’s as well as one 9-3X. Everyone here is extremely excited about having the new product and getting previous Saab customers in to see what Saab has been doing right. I have six cars in stock right now (waiting on another ten) and am very excited to start to add to those North American numbers. Sorry for all the photo’s, like I said, we’re quite excited.

Click to enlarge. Thanks to Jason for passing along the good news.

46 thoughts on “Saabs arriving in Vancouver – Canada is stocked!”

  1. It’s nice to see the 2011 models arriving at dealerships but there still isn’t any 2011 9-3 information available on the Saab USA website. And it’s already December! This seemed normal for the old GM-Saab but I was hoping the new Saab would be much better with this. The model year is almost half over.

    • Saab advertising in Canada is non existent, and the website is an embarrassment. Most car fans I know think Saab went under. I was hyping the 9-4x to a friend of mine who is serious about a new Acura MDX. He went to look for the details on the website and asked me what the deal was. I feel very sorry for the new Canadian Saab dealerships until Saab figures out that they really need to invest in customer education and communication and that will take quite some time. Nobody (except me in late 2009 maybe) is willing to through down 40 large on an automotive gamble when there is a lot of good product out there.

      • DMain give them chance. Everyone at Saab Canada is very much looking forward to getting up to speed and having plenty of inventory before they start advertising. Believe me, the enthusiasm is quite obviously there!!!!

  2. And in conjunction with this fantastic news I found pricing for the ’11 models for Canada. I wanna go and see the 9-5! Drool!!!! πŸ™‚

    Saab 9-5 Turbo4 Sedan
    Saab 9-5 Turbo4 Premium Sedan
    Saab 9-5 Turbo6 Sedan XWD
    Saab 9-5 Aero Sedan XWD

    Saab 9-3 2.0T Sport Sedan FWD
    Saab 9-3 2.0T SportCombi FWD
    Saab 9-3 2.0T Sport Sedan XWD
    Saab 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan FWD
    Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi FWD
    Saab 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan XWD
    Saab 9-3 2.0T Convertible
    Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible

    Saab 9-3X SportCombi XWD

      • Hey Zippy,

        The 9-5 was there as we closed up tonight. If it’s not there in the morning… we’ll have a small problem… or one of us is out driving it! πŸ™‚

        Look forward to seeing you (and everyone else) out here soon!


          • Bravada,

            I know and it’s driving me crazy, I have been contacting our web provider for months now and am ready to just tell them to take the new car tab down because as it is right now, it’s useless. I have added under our used car inventory tab a new 9-3X and 9-3 Aero so that you can see them and because I can then create a window sticker because they don’t have them with the car.

          • Hey, this is precisely where Saab NA should put their ad money instead of the ineffective SuperBowl or whatever ads – a nice CMS system for dealers to have a consistent, up-to-date, elegant and easily updateable websites. It’s madness every dealer has to go about it themselves, while trying to re-start their business on a shoestring.

            If Saab Cars NA isn’t likely to do it soon, perhaps you could get together (I believe there are only 12 dealers in Canada so far, so setting up an active mailing list shouldn’t be a problem) and just get one yourselves? If you aren’t sure where to go, I can get you in touch with folks in a low-cost country who’ll have that done for you in no time. Swade has my email πŸ˜‰

            PS. Partly joking obviously, I am sure reliable and cheap web agencies are available in Canada as well and would do that project for lunch money. I guess that would be in the range of USD 10-15K, at least that money gets you a shiney sparkling CMS-editable multi-functional site around here.

            PS2. It would be great to mention the urgency thereof directly to the marketing team in Trollhattan. They should be able to help – after all, there is already a great standardized website thing running for most of the European countries.

          • Richard,
            Hopefully that’s not reason enough for someone to shop in Alberta. When you buy a car in Alberta, that car will always be declared as out of province, which is not a huge deal. More then anything, I really hope that customers are looking for an experience when they buy their Saab and not just price or how much they pay in taxes. We don’t have luxury taxes anymore though, so HST is not all bad here and we were always paying GST and PST, so it did nothing to the auto sector but make high end cars cheaper.

  3. Swade, I passed by the Laval dealer in Montreal the other night, the dealer was closed becuase it was passed 9 pm .. and pouring rain made it a little difficult to snap any pics. I saw about 6-7 9-3’s and only 1 9-5.. It was a plain jane 9-5 not the aero v6. I must admit It dosen’t really stand out like the aero.

    I just noticed the prices at B.C. dealer you supplied here!! WOW! 50k for a 9-3 x? Please remember our Canadian dollar is practically at par with U.S dollar (.05 cent diffrence)
    Jason , good luck!! you’ll need it

    • Unfortunately, pricing is not directly linked to the exchange rate with the US dollar. We wish it was but there are many other factors involved in vehicle pricing, from manufacturing and certification processes for different countries, to transportation costs, to taxes, duties, etc, etc, etc. For a real eye-opener, look at the prices of cars in many European markets and you’ll find that our prices are a bargain in comparison – the pricing in the US even more so.

      • you have a point, except for the transportation costs which should be same or almost . The Euro prices are totally insane but it is what it is . I noticed many people didn’t find the 9-5 price in line when they came out in the U.S. 54 – 55k for a loaded aero v6 9-5 which btw I find acceptable .. It’s a NEW car , It’s a big car , 300hp v6 . Now we’ll have to see the Canadian equivalent, Zippy quotes the aero v6 9-5 at $59,700 Is that loaded? or do you have to add 5 k for all the bells and whisles? If that were the case, the price would be 65k… 11k more than U.S that’s what the price difference was between U.S./ Can. a few years back when our dollar was 76 cents, so something dosen’t add up.

        the 9-3’s price on the other hand Is a little out of line The car is old .. forget about putting 3 adults in the back you’ll have a hard time putting 2 who are anywhere near 6 foot , the car is a 2.0 liter 4 ? 50 k? I don’t think so . The audi a4 easily creeps up to 50 k in Canada with similar engine which I find overly priced as well, however last I read Audi is been setting sales records in Canada as of late. Perhaps they can get away with it .If Saab thinks they can… all the power to them, I just don’t think so.

    • The 9-3X is CDN 43,9K unless I missed something. It’s right within range of the BMW X3, loaded Subaru Outback or even the refrigerator-like VW Tiguan. I believe those prices to be in line with the Canadian market. Am I being totally wrong in my ignorance?

      • Nope, you’re not totally wrong. The base price is comparable. Once you start to add options, the price does go up, but this is also somewhat countered by better finance rates and incentives. We got this car off the transport late on Thursday and by Friday early afternoon it had been out on 2 or 3 different test drives and according to all these people, the prices are not out of line.

        • I am not sure I got you right – the options on the VW, Subaru and BMW are more expensive but they have better finance rates and incentives, or the other way around?

          Does Canada get normally-specced cars or the US-spec “super saver” version where you have to add two packages worth about the standard incentive cost to have it reasonablly equipped? If so, please do tell Saab NA to simply spec the cars all-out for Canada – I do believe you can move quite a few before winter’s over, but at that premium price the car has to be premium indeed, not “optionally premium”.

          • Sorry, it was a bit confusing how I wrote it. The Saab rates and programs are better, i.e. 1.9%, 2.9% financing, $2000 off cash price, $1500 Saab Loyalty credits. As far as the cars’ specs go, our models are equipped much like the US models. I’ll use the 9-3X as an example here as it seems to be most singled out (Cdn dollars):

            Base price – $43,900
            Freight/PDI – $1600
            Comfort Package $1275 (Power passenger seat, Headlamp washers, Auto-dimming Mirror w/compass and universal garage door opener)
            Bose Centrepoint Sound System $1250
            Premium Package $2190 (Xenon cornering headlamps, Memory drivers seat, Power fold and dimming outside mirrors, Rear park assist)
            Power moonroof $1400 (express up front window and remote open for windows and roof)
            OnStar $870
            Navigation System
            Paint other than red or white $650
            So of course if you add up all the options, it can end up somewhere around $56,000. Not many are likely to go loaded like that but it does get up there. Now you can see the breakdown in the option list. Hope this helps!


          • Thanks Rob!

            That’s precisely what is annoying me. Stuff like the extras included in the comfort and premium package should be standard, as I guess is the Bose Centrepoint thing and Comfort locks (they are one of those EUR 100 options I ranted about sometime ago), I am surprised to see you have to order the moonroof to get them.

            This is madness – you have to add those to make the car reasonable value than throw cash at the customer both from the nationwide allowance and your own kitty to make it attractive.

            Yesterday, I bumped into a Mitsubishi Outlander in a shopping centre. It’s a really good vehicle, mind you! I asked the salesperson how much it costs. I got a long explanation of list price, option package, dealer-installed options, standard rebate, old model year rebate, dealer rebate and stock rebate. I must say, I got lost. I am sure the final price was attractive, but I already forgot what it was, because the price list I got had nothing to do with the figures he mentioned.

            In Europe, several countries have offers now where they simply stuff all the options in, give you a good price and stop mindless rebating. There are just two prices for the 9-3X now, for example – petroleum and diesel. It works. Saab NA, do you copy?

    • Haha Ken,

      You’d better hurry. this is one popular car! It may not be here by the 18th! Of course, I could hold for you for just a small deposit! πŸ˜‰

      See you soon!

  4. Rob if you see an 04 glacier blue 9-3 pull up it’s me. Don’t drive off in that 9-5 without me. πŸ˜‰

    zippy aka Paul

  5. As mentioned here, cars in the US are extremely cheap. A V6 aero with satnav and a little bit of extras is 73,000 dollars in Sweden. And don’t talk about norway where they might be double that or more! So you people complaining about 52,000 for a 9-5 aero, think about us Europeans next time πŸ™‚

    • Cars in Europe seem generally more expensive as they contain VAT (value-added tax, which goes under different names, e.g. GST or Gross Sales Tax in Canada, which is now collected by means of Harmonized Sales Tax or HST, consisting of federal and provincial-level VAT). In Sweden the VAT rate is 25%. So the cars are bound to be 25% dearer just by virtue of being sold in a VAT country.

      If you take Anders’ price and deduct the VAT, the fully loaded Aero V6 is priced at an equivalent of 58,400 USD. I am not sure if there are any taxes on large-displacement or high-emissions engines in Sweden, but this might explain the other part of the difference.

      • @ Bravada – just a small clarification. The HST is only implemented in 5 of our 10 provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia), so the GST (Goods and Services Tax) continues to be used in the rest of the country where it is combined with the Provincial Sales Tax – except for Alberta where we have only GST. Yes…we do have it good compared to pricing in Europe!

  6. So great of you to share this with us Jason! I notice that you do not have any snow over there yet, but I do think that the 9-3X will be a rare but wanted car (rare in the way you only got one delivered this time). Please share more photos when you’ve set up the cars. Would be so nice to see!

    • Carl-Henrik,

      We did have snow, but it left as quick as it came. I will share more photo’s as I get them and I do post photo’s to our facebook page if anyone is interested under Springman’s Saab.

      • Of course the snow left.. when new Saabs arrived.. snow has no chance on destroying a Saabs duty as a safe car in every weather. πŸ˜€

  7. A fully loaded Aero is not 73,000, but 87,000 dollars in Sweden πŸ™‚ the 73′ is just for satnav and drivesense

  8. To all those north Americans looking for a brand new 9-3/9-3X, Hirsch is bringing the 240HP power update to the States, I only say USofA, but maybe they mean USA and Canada.

    SabR, do you know something about that??

    • Sorry Me,

      Nothing official. I would think it likely though that it would be common to North American models. We have to wait and see!


  9. Is hirsch really coming? I will see it when I believe it with the engine upgrades. And I wonder what price they are going to want.

    I think 60 grand for a loaded 9-5 is about 10 grand more than it should be. It has been priced higher than any acura and on par with a 5 series or an A6. The last two are established cars (not saying a 9-5 is not) and I think that if you price it about 5 grand less you would have more people inclined to stop by their local dealer. And remember, in Canada there is not a tonne of dealers. Toronto only has two compared with how many audi dealers in the GTA?


    • Dave, BMW 535i (RWD) starts at CAD $62.300. BMW 535xDrive starts at CAD $64.900. Tick a few options and you’re up in the 70’s.
      I guarantee you that a new 9-5 300hp XWD (Hirsched if you want to) will make those Beemers look silly. (Tested by some serious nit-picking Saab bastards I may add πŸ˜‰ ). Especially if you experience winter (3-4 months a year like we do). These Central European cars are still mainly manufactured for the Autobahn.

      Had a 350 km ride today in an ”old” 9-3ss diesel on icy highways (I guess their are saving on salt?) and the new RWD ‘premiums’ (my definition of premium is the ride, not the plastics in the cabin) where just blocking the roads everywhere and I wasn’t speeding.
      You simply just put you’re foot down in a Saab and it plows away, where as in a powerful RWD you’re constantly balancing/battling between losing one or both ends of the car. Hard to stay in one lane by the looks of it. Not very relaxing either.
      A new E-class MB tried to prove something but he gave up after a few close calls of driving of the winding road. At that point I just had to blast past him with something like 20-30 km/h and it was totally effortless. Maybe some that Saab hatred in Sweden is jealousy, don’t know? (Since the great 99T)

      Buy a Saab and you’ll be in safe hands. Plus you’ don’t have to worry about your neighbor buying one with a bigger ‘ego booster’ that will drive you crazy πŸ˜‰
      This has nothing to do with Saab pricing. If you truly can afford a 60k BMW, the 9-5 Aero (XWD or not) is a no brainer if you like the feel of the ride. You got to try it for yourself.

  10. Stoped by Saab Laval today to take a look at the lot, they had about 7 9-3’s and a white 9-5 in the showroom, the 9-5 is stunning.

    I also spotted a brand new 9-3 xwd on the road last night, i knew it was new because of the turbo4 badge and it had the smoked silver exterior trim. Seeing that made me feel good.

    • Kirk I passed by the Laval dealer a few days ago just a black 9-5 (4) This white 9-5 you saw is it an aero???

  11. Drove out to Springman’s and had the pleasure of meeting Rob and Jason today. Both of them are very enthusiastic about Saab and look forward to getting in some more inventory. They had their showroom packed with a black 9-3 Aero, a red vert, a stunning 9-3 in glacier silver and a very very pretty 9-3X although I think there must have been a few cars being prepped. The highlight of my visit? A Carbon Gray 9-5 2.0T with a stick which Rob very graciously allowed to take out for a test drive. I now hold the dubious record of being “the first consumer ever in BC to test drive the 9-5”.

    Rob and Jason, thanks for taking some time to chat as well as the test drive. I look forward to bringing “Thor” in for all his servicing needs.

    Thanks again guys


    • what did you think of the drive in the 9-5? I drove an Aero and it was really pretty wonderful.

    • “I now hold the dubious record of being β€œthe first consumer ever in BC to test drive the 9-5β€³.

      Wahhhhhhh. You beat me, Paul πŸ™

      But good going. Early bird gets the ……….. 9-5 test drive.

  12. Sorry SaabKen, I was so pumped up when I saw Rob had the 9-5 in stock that I HAD to take a look. As with a lot of cars, it most definitely is sooo much better in real life!!!

    fred from chicago, I am going to be sending Swade a review tomorrow when I have a little more time. Lets just say its a totally different car to the old 9-5!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Vince, the white 9-5 is a base model and the only one there, i didn’t see a black one.
    Hopefully it was sold!

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