Saabs on public display in Tromsø

I wrote about this display back in September and it’s great to see it happening now, with a few Saab owners participating.

Tromsø University Museum, way up above the Arctic Circle in Norway, is doing a series of photos and stories about people and their cars….The photographs will be shown at Tromsø Museum’s permanent exhibition FLASH darkness in large format out on one of the museum’s walls in December and January. The images will then be included in the museum’s collection along with information about the photograph.

One of our SU regulars, Thilo, lives up in Tromsø and he got involved, sitting for portraits with his Saab 96 as well as his Saab 9000 Aero.

They were displayed today and it’s no surprise that Thilo was there to exercise his considerable photographic skills and capture the moments.

Apparently there were a few other people with Saabs participating in the event, too. I’m not sure we’ll get photos of those, but it’s good to see Thilo’s cars featured an

10 thoughts on “Saabs on public display in Tromsø”

  1. @100%Saab:
    Norwegian state works against it 🙁 Aero is here about 100.000 € because of taxes.

    And the 9000 Aero is a perfect car, best seats ever 🙂


    P.S.: I think I took images of 3 more Saabs (1x OG 9-5 and 2x OG 900), but I’m not sure if we have the rights to show them there.

      • The taxes are definitively extreme in Norway. My wife and I are actually visiting Thilo at the moment, and brought my 9-5 Aero along just to tease him. Ahhhh, it is good to live in Sweden! 😀

        Thilo’s 9000 looks sweet though. Very well kept. I will have to set aside some time to fix our own 9000 now.

  2. Really neat 96, is it a ’68? I like the aero seats so much I have a pair in my ’94 beater convertible. 9k aero’s are really a great car, very roomy and very fast — and light.

  3. Cool.

    Nice to hear from Tromsø, which is a city I know fairly well. Many of my friends have moved there, and I have been a few times testing the night life of the city…

    I guess a 9-3X would be ideal for Tromsø, not too big and with traction for all those steep streets covered with ice. 🙂

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