Sneak Peek – Saab 9-5 lineup for Australia

Djup Strupe walked past my house overnight and an envelope with some 9-5 specs must have accidentally fallen out of his/her coat pocket.

Apparently the new Saab 9-5 will come to Australia with two model lines only – Vector and Aero.

Equipment listings on the base model Vector are therefore very impressive from the get-go, including items that are options elsewhere such as the color screen and Satnav as standard. Add HUD and Saab Smartbeam Xenons to that list.

Vector will come with either 2.0T or the 2.0TiD engine. Aero is V6 only.

Pricing will be keenly based on current prices for the Audi A6 at just over $70K for the Vector and mid $90K for the Aero (cf $73K for base A6 and $109K for 3.0TFSI). Add the on-road costs.

These numbers are significantly less than the BMW 5er and the Saab’s base level equipment will have the Teutonic shopper checking the options list for days.

9-5s are expected to land here around the end of the first quarter 2011.

22 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Saab 9-5 lineup for Australia”

  1. If this information is correct I think SAAB Australia have priced the vehicles too high, considering the value of the Aussie dollar with it’s American counterpart…..even with the LCT. Interestingly the following snippet from Volvo was announced the other day – “Volvo is set to go mainstream as the company’s CEO, Stefan Jacoby, has announced plans to drop their ambitions of becoming a premium automaker. Speaking with AutoCar, Jacoby stated “Let’s ditch this talk about premium, it sounds like a pricing strategy and it’s got an expensive ring to it.” He continued, “We need to focus on elegant Scandinavian simplicity, our own unique identity, and not copy our competitors (Audi, BMW, and Mercedes).” This is exactly where SAAB Australia marketing people need to think…..just above Skoda….well below Audi……then they will sell like hotcakes…….

    Read more:—ditch-premium-prices#ixzz16uRWv0jY

  2. My heart sank as I read this post. With some naïveté I had thought that an 9-5 aero with all the fruit for 50K USD would mean I could possibly afford a base model 9-5 in Australlia when it arrives in 2011. Was looking forward to replacing the 2002 arc estate and showing my support for a revitalized Saab. Had even lined up the online calculator for a novated lease and done the preparations so I would be ready to go when the car arrives next year. 73K not including onroad costs? Ouch.

  3. AS Cliff says, 80k on road is pretty hopeful for a Vector with a 2.0T, I cant see this going well.

    • The cheapest 5 series is the 520d, at $83k plus on roads, which doesn’t have sat nav, heated seats, adaptive headlights or ambient lighting- and I;m sure lots of other things (thats just what I noticed immediately). On that basis, $70k for the vector WITH sat nav & adaptive headlights sounds like a good deal.

      Not saying it couldn’t be better but its more then just currency conversion- they also have to have it ADR approved & with the volumes Saab does here, that isn’t super cheap.

  4. Comparing across marques to see what you are getting for the money is a good idea. It’s just that I wouldn’t ever buy a BMW, although a second hand audi A6 avant…..? I also recall that Saab has explicitly said they are looking at matching the BMW 5 series and Audi A6 – so I shouldn’t have been surprised but am nonetheless disappointed that a new 9-5 is not on the cards.

    I guess it does boil down to affordability and a price range within reach of an individual.
    For me at least, sat nav and bixenon headlights while included in the Vector specification and a worth a few thousand dollars each, are not a priority or something I would opt for.

    I do find myself recalling however that my current Saab was bought second hand and while I would never wish savage depreciation on any car maker, it turned out to be a great second-hand buy. I suspect I will wait in the wings and see how the current of crop of 9-5’s fare and look for some value for money as well as affordability.

    Perhaps it will be the halo effect of the 9-5 which will pass on to the 9-3 in the meantime….

    Would complying with Australian Design rules be that much of a deal given that Australia is looking to harmomise with International standards anyway? Also, given Australia isn’t a big market or as sophisticated as the European or American markets, I struggle to see how our requirements would be onerous or costly to comply with?

  5. Looking at these prices and comparing to BMW, the problem is that SAAB has taken a hit in the market value of the brand in this country and you can not compare to BMW. These new vehicles will be a great second hand buy when they have LOST nearly 60% of there value….that is the reality. I own 2 SAAB’s now have owned SAAB’s previously and depreciation is the killer. SAAB this time round are “dreaming” if they can compete with BMW…..The sale figures in the UK and USA are showing this now……and Australia will follow. People think the brand is dead here and they is little cache in the brand now compered to BMW/AUDI. As the SAAB salesman told me you never buy a new SAAB, you wait a couple of years and let someone else take the hit……

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