SU Site Stats November 2010

The monthly report is as follows….

  • There were 160 posts written on Saabs United during November. That’s an average of just over 5 posts per day.
  • Saabs United served 519,518 pages to 71,638 individual visitors during November 2010.
  • Visitors spent an average of three minutes (precisely) on site, per visit.
  • The busiest day of the month was November 18, with over 23,000 pages served. November 18 saw various posts associated with the launch of the Saab 9-4x at the LA Auto Show.


The US provides the most visitors in terms of countries……

…but doesn’t provide a single city in the top 10….

New York was #11 🙂


The top 5 posts viewed during November were as follows:

The most commented articles on site this month (over 50 comments) were as follows:

And finally, for something different, the top 10 browsers accessing the site:

Thanks to all for hanging around. It’s been a pleasure.

35 thoughts on “SU Site Stats November 2010”

  1. Phew! Do you actually sleep?
    Thank you so much for running this site Swade!
    @ the city visit stats. Bromma and Solna are more or less considered parts of Stockholm. So combined, Stockholm stands for more than 15.000 visits!
    It`s nice to know I have alot of Saabsupporters around me!

    Kalle in Vasastan/Stockholm

      • Why Solna and not Bromma?
        Interesting that Stockholm with suburbia dominates SU…. But the SU Historic Rally Team garage in suburb of Sundbyberg is squeezed between Solna, Bromma and Stockholm.
        Seams like my native Trollhättan is just where they make the cars but the supporters are in the capital with surroundings!

  2. USA! USA! 🙂 It’s interesting to see the number of people from Sweden who check out the site. Also surprising how many people still use Internet Explorer… I enjoy the site statistics and I’m glad you post them, Swade. Are you still able to do the “And there was ONE new visitor from [seemingly random location on the globe]” stat or was there just no interesting one this time?

    I know it’s been brought up from time to time, but I still don’t think you sleep. I know you claim to have been woken up recently, but that doesn’t really prove anything. Either way, it’s a testament to your hard work and effort–you’ve got quite a following here, keep up the good work!

    • Actually Internet explorer seems to be relitivly low on this website for some reason. Out of everyone about 60% of people use it. Instead it seems Safari has very high usage on this website. Its also interesting how high Sweden is, I meaan I know thhey love their Saabs but its almost as much as the US, that has over 300 milion people.

      • Well, first of all you have all the people at the Saab factory…. 🙂

        But, also, as we have discussed recently, I am sure the majority of people in Sweden know Saab is still alive, whereas in the US, fewer people know this. And SU has been covered in the Swedish press, so once people visit the site, if they are at all interested in Saab, they likely return. Of the 300 million people here in the US, only a small fraction have probably heard of SU.

        • But still more than 70000 visits were from USA? Very interesing stats Steve which I very much appriciate.

  3. Interesting that Safari is the third most popular browser. Suggests that lots of people, as I do, use their iPhones to access the site. Thanks for adding the mobile stuff a while ago Swade it makes things much better.

    • Saab and Apple inc. has a LOT in common just listing some:
      – Great sleek design
      – Top notch world class human system interaction
      – Educated intelligent users
      – Users who do not follow the crowd
      – Users of acquired taste
      Why not ask old Steve Jobs to buy the SAAB Automobile company.
      They have the money, money should roll

  4. So many US visitors? why aren’t some of them buying SAABs ?

    with so much interest from US there should really be some more sales!

    • I know that I can’t speak for all of America but I think that for the most part, people think that Saab is dead. So many people I talk to say how much they love our Saab. I, myself am waiting to test drive the new 9-4x and see what the new 9-3 looks like in a few years. Not very many people I work with are willing to go drop over 40K for a new 9-5. I know that it has been mentioned many times on this site but really for a lot us, we are just waiting for something different . Something that we feel passionate about, I love our Saab 9-3 Sportcombi and really don’t have much love for our 9-7x. But really I can’t wait to pull the trigger and plunk down the cash for a new redesigned 9-3 Conv… my big hope is that Jason and the rest of the bunch can match our enthusiasm for what we’ve been waiting for.

  5. Every morning I try my best to get Ireland on that list 🙁

    It’s a shame we’re too busy buying Renaults..!

    (and Audi/BMW/Merc)

  6. I guess it’s not unique visitors? Nevertheless it’s nice to see that I live in the SU city number one; Stockholm.

  7. And I am trying to represent Kyrgyzstan.

    So far, in the nearly four months I’ve been in the country, I’ve seen 3 9000s, and 2 9-5s.


    • Well, don’t get caught speeding around Manas Air Base…. Good to see representation for a nation most people could not find on a map.

      • You got it. Although, you don’t need to speed to be pulled over. You just have to look like you have a few extra bucks (literally, as the usual bribe is in the 250 com range = $5).

        When a police officer makes about $30 per month, they have to do something to put food on the table. It’s too bad. Doctors might pull in $60 a month. And no, it’s not enough to live on, even though the cost of living is pretty low around here.

        My wife and I are really enjoying most everything about living in another culture. We’re teaching at an international school, so we’re busy, but all is good. (I do miss driving, and I miss my 9000 Aero. We take public transportation everywhere. Something I’m not used to being able to do.)


  8. Well there might not be a lot of people in the US buying Saabs right now but at least we know there is a lot of interest 🙂

  9. For me it`s a curious fact that the visitors` number of Germany is in the fourth position. This expresses the big community of fans. In Germany 70-80000 Saab drivers are currently registered. But unfortunately the number of those willing to buy a new Saab seems to decrease more and more.

    • Maybe it’s the guys from Opel missing something…

      But you’re right, it seems to be difficult to sell a Saab in Germany at the moment. Even though the weather right now should some RWD drivers think.

  10. I thought that I would single-handedly put Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA in the Top 10! I guess that I wil have to try harder 🙂

  11. I guess you’d have to conclude that US Saabers don’t live in cities, or at least, not ones you’d recognize.

    • The main reason for the US making the list is the fact their are so many people there to begin with so when you compare the individual cities that have the same amount of people Sweden, Sweden will have the numbers.

  12. Most Americans live in the suburbs rather than in cities. Perhaps that’s why no one place stands out in the numbers. Another reason, I hope, is that interest in Saab is spreading out beyond its traditional base in the Northeast/Middle Atlantic region.

    This site is too good to be true. I have long ago given up trying to figure out how Swade manages to stay employed, married, and awake while authoring this awesome outpost of Saabishness.

    • “This site is too good to be true. I have long ago given up trying to figure out how Swade manages to stay employed, married, and awake while authoring this awesome outpost of Saabishness.”

      Well put 🙂

  13. I agree 100% with you Stefan; Swade is amazing. doing all this work next to his professional work and his family life.
    I live in Belgium and try to read each day the news on Saab United as so many others do.
    So as you see Swade; it is really appreciated.

  14. Nice to see that so many people are visiting Saabs United! Congratulations Swade! 🙂

    By the way, I think I can be held responsible for a lot of of the page views from Opera Mini… 😉

  15. Swade also holds the record in number of comments at!

    “RECORD: “Is there a Saab-hatred?”
    The Australian Saab blogger Steven Wade stirred up much emotion when he wrote that “Swedes do not give Saab a fair chance.” At this writing there are all 257 comments on the topic “Saab-hatred”. It is a record.”

    Also there´s a vote, question is something like: “Is Swade right”? Yes 1655, No 179!! The story is mostly about the swedish press not giving Saab a fair chanse, so this is a good poll, this and other polls shows that the negative commenters are few but loud, most swedish people seem to have the same (almost) view as us here. This is starting to show in the sales-figures.

  16. A more “real” “measure of interest” in different countries would be to divide number of visits with population.
    Below I present the ratio of visits per million of inhabitants for the top 10 countries:

    Sweden 6897
    Norway 2332
    Finland 1857
    Netherlands 769
    Belgium 530
    Canada 338
    UK 310
    Australia 303
    USA 225
    Germany 208

    From this data, you could for example (in a far-fetched way) argue that Swedes are about 30 times more interested in Saab than the US citizens… 🙂

    • If this is true 😉 they should buy 30 times more Saabs than Americans,
      something like 12.000 per Month.

      • Not at all, you missed the vital part which was to show the average interest per capita for each country.
        On the other hand, US has about 30 times more inhabitants than Sweden so it all evens out in a funny way… which explains why the total number of visits are about equal for US and Sweden.
        So, for your reasoning (interest proportional to buy) to fulfill, the number of sales should be about equal for US and Sweden.

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