Swedish Saab sales data – November 2010

For something different, I’ve got the press release from Sweden via googletrans (thanks Johan!)

This is a great month for Saab, as you’ll see below.

Saab sold 1,119 vehicle in Sweden during November, which is an 86% rise on the number of vehicles sold in the same month last year.

So far in 2010, Saab have sold 7,544 vehicles, 14% more than the 6,638 sold in the same period last year. When considering this number, bear in mind that Saab didn’t start production again until April.

Saab 9-3 sales grew by 99% compared to November 2009 (792 vs 398)

Saab 9-5 sales grew by 61% compared to November 2009 (327 vs 203)

Here is the press release from Sweden. And congratulations to the sales and marketing team there in Sweden on a great result. From strength to strength!


Seasonal best of Saab Automobile’s sales in Sweden

· Saab notes in 1119 new car registrations in the Swedish market in November
· Best sales month for Saab in Sweden since December 2008
· Saab Sweden’s sales grow by 86% compared to same month in 2009
· So far this year, surpassing sales in Sweden during the same period in 2009
• During the second half of the year, growth is +77% compared to same period in 2009

Trollhattan, Sweden – Today announced Saab Automobile’s new strong sales figures for the Swedish market, continuing the journey towards becoming a successful, independent company. Saab new car registrations in Sweden amounts to 1119, representing an increase of 86% compared with November 2009. Sales in the Swedish market has, in the first eleven months, exceeded last year’s corresponding figures of 14%. This despite the fact that Saab after their restart did not start production until April.

“These figures are extremely pleasing and encouraging for us. I would also like to once again stress that the figures should be viewed in the light of that we have not had any new cars from the factory to sell in the first four months. In fact, it was only in the third quarter as deliveries to our customers came up to speed. November’s figures give us the incentive we needed and it feels like we will go into 2011 with good momentum. “, Says Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden and Scandinavia.

November represents the single best month for Saab Sweden so far in 2010 and is the best month since December 2008. The development is a result of the work that Saab Sweden is undertaking to give new momentum to the brand among both private and commercial. New Saab 9-5 and the model year updates of 9-3, including a number of diesel offerings with CO2 emissions of just 119 g / km, which received very good reviews in Swedish media, helping to orders is the best Saab Sweden since 2008. Indeed, it would thereby for good registration numbers even during the last month.

Magnus Hansson: “That we, despite our, to put it mildly, tough off distance continues to increase our sales in Sweden strengthens us in our faith in Saab’s future as a successful, independent company. Together with the positive accomplishments we had in this tough year, continued close cooperation with our dealers and the news that lies ahead, we see with confidence to 2011 “

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The Norway figures

Nov 2010 – 70
jan-nov 2010 – 314
nov 2009 – 32
jan-nov 2009 – 394


USA numbers are in.

November ’10 vs November ’09
397 vs 371 (+7,01%)

YTD (’10 vs ’09)
4.371 vs 7.812 (-44,05%)


Is it possible to split them for the 9-3 and 9-5?


I don’t know where I can find that information. Usualy Swade has them (direct from Saab USA?).


I got the French figures.

Saab sold 51 cars in November (49,5% less than in 2009). In 2010 464 Saabs (68,7% less than in 2009) have been sold.
Source: http://www.ccfa.fr/IMG/pdf/IV11.pdf


And also the Polish ones…
21 cars sold in November (26 in Nov 2009), and 147 from January to November (374 in 2009).

And the Greek ones…
14 cars sold in November (68 in 2009), and 220 from January to November (743 in 2009).

…and some old Slovakian figures.
8 cars sold in October, and 62 from January to October.

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