Thursday Night Quick Snippets

Sorry for the slow posting right now, but life is ganging up on me. Today was the work Christmas BBQ as well as me trying to do all of my Christmas shopping in one afternoon (fail).

Quick snippets follow….


If you only follow one link today, make sure it’s Autoweek’s Driver Log, sharing thoughts about their seat time in the Saab 9-5.

Five drivers (2M 3F) and five thumbs up.

For various reasons–new Spyker ownership, the AWD powertrain from the 9-3 Turbo X, the first new 9-5 in more than decade, the new styling–I’ve been looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the new 9-5 for months. I’m happy to report the car lived up to my expectations and then some.

That’s how they roll (or crawl, in some instances).


I think Auto Motor and Sport’s Par Brandt is going to be writing a little soon about a particular drive he took in a car that made him feel like a rally star.

Can anyone say electric rear power?


And whilst we’re talking car magazines, Autobild have included a couple of photochops in their recent edition. Sent in by David.

And their version of a possible Saab 92….


Another Saab 9-5 taxi (well, two actually, but one of them quite new). From Robin M.


The LA Times – “elegant but not ostentatious”


Thanks to all in comments and email for this one. Flight recorders? Whatever 🙂



24 thoughts on “Thursday Night Quick Snippets”

        • Thats not an e-AAM electric AWD. That’s some other guys working on a new suspension and construction for the rear axel at a conventional AWD-system. SAAB has nothing to do with that company. Maybe SAAB will buy this system to make their electric AWD even better? I dont know?

          • AMS has NOT driven the Audi S4 with the S2AB 5 link rear axel.
            That is a worldclass tech marvel. Outshines the original S4. Should I mention that the REAl Stig (Blomqvist) is the technical test driver……
            Swedes making Audis better why not make new SAABs better. Especially since the man behind S2AB is the same guy who did the 9000 and NG 900 chassis.

            Would be better if SAAB gave existing technologies a push like S2AB and Cargine with the air controlled valves.

          • I’m with you Jörgen.
            What we see in all those companys that provide new hi tech in automotive industri is that the people behind them often comes from swedish automakers, not seldom from SAAB.
            I think that is a good sign. Now, hopefully our brand can afford it.

            The new way saab is making deals and also beeing a subcontractor make me belive that SAAB will make more money and beeing able to get those new hi tech early on as an early adopter.

  1. The 2 white 9-5 taxis:
    it’s funny how similar the old and the new 9-5 look from the front angle,
    that’s design evolution, not revolution. Long live Dame Edna and merry X-Mas to all SU readers out there.

  2. The 9-5 wagon sketch:
    it’s a photochop, not a photo of the real deal. The upper window line in the rear is wrong.
    The C pillar is way to massive.
    See it in the flesh in Geneva!

      • .. including a front from a mini… 😉 horrible!
        Hopefully Saab will never use such “cartoon-designs”…
        (But stick to their heritage, which means progressivism and honest design with a meaning instead of retro..)

    • Actually I think it looks really cool, wouldn´t mind at all if it came to look like that. But Victor keeps telling us that they won´t go retro, so probably the 9-2 will share philosophy with it´s ancestor and not lines.

  3. That was some great camera work and editing on the LA Times video. The car looked stunning and was artfully displayed.

    The question of the day… how did they get those motion shots in the garage with no DRLs or headlights on?

    • Yes, Very nice pictures! 🙂 And Please notice, friends here at SU, this interior-trim, which is quite elegant and sophisticated – and modern – without the silly “wood-look”…
      I´m not so happy about the steering-wheel (gm?) but a detail that have not been talked much about here on SU is the metal-shape around the gear-stick and the start-button: A very precise, function-expressing and well-proportioned design ! 🙂

    • You can turn the DRL off anytime. All you do this turn the dial left. You can also run the car with just the blue LED lights in front (blue line under the headlight) and the red LED lights in back.

  4. Merry Christmas everybody…here is some Swedish music to enjoy in your Saab!

    Kent; Häng dem högt ( hang them high)
    Kent; Max 500 ( Max 500)
    Kent; Ingenting (Nothing)

    Abba; Gimme gimme
    Abba; Fernando
    Abba; I have a dream

    Jussi Björling (wait for it…1.01min)
    Jussi Björling Ack Värmland du sköna
    …and for the hardcore; PAIN; Same Old Song;

    Merry New year och happy christmas

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