Video: Saab circa 1997

With only half a dozen views so far, this looks to be a recent addition to Youtube (indeed, added just over the weekend).

It’s a good look back through time to 1997 – a time when Saab were full of optimism with the release of the new Saab 9-5.

It’s 7 minutes long and highly enjoyable.


Thanks to Carl, in comments.

22 thoughts on “Video: Saab circa 1997”

    • I could not help but think that some of the elements from those early designs have been carried through to the new 9-5 to some extent. E.g. the rear lights were quite dominating back then, but the new 9-5 borrows the idea and implements it in a truly delightful manner.

      Wonderful presentation. A very enthusiastic presenter.

      I wish someone would post it in better quality and correct aspect ratio.

      • +1 and gave me good memories back to my first saab a 1966 two strok red 96 and my son i law’s first 95 in 1998.

  1. “Style of driving: rapid but flowing pace”
    “A cocktail of comfort, luxury and high-performance”

    This video made me smile as a proud 9-5 owner. Nice find! 🙂

    • Maybe you shouldn’t hate GM; otherwise you’d probably also hate the new 9-5 and 9-4X, since they’re still very much a GM-Saab, much more so than the old 9-5 was….

      • I know, I know. I don’t hate the SAABs they made, I really like some of them. I hate the way they ran SAAB and all the unnecessary drama and headaches when they tried to sell them. Poor SAAB, I hope you’re safe!

  2. All that is said in that video sounds like what have been said during the launch of the new 9-5! I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad sign.

    • Arild,
      I think it is a good sign.
      it shows that the 9-5 is back in the market sector that he belongs to.

      At 6:20 a 5-Series moves to the right lane to let the Saab pass, first that Beemer looks now more dated than the original 9-5, and second its time to teach those beemers that we are back in town 😉

      BTW, the (irish||scotish) accent makes the video twice as great.

  3. Great video, brings back fond memories of being in THN for the Saab festival in 1997 –and driving the 9-5 and thinking — This car is so good, I will have to buy one. Well, 13 years later I have owned 6 9-5’s as personal cars. They are fantastic vehicles, with real Saab values. I have the same feeling for the new 9-5 after driving it in Trollhattan last summer at the Saab festival.

  4. Calling the 9-5 “less typical (Saab)” is what raised a red flag with me. Being less of a typical Saab made this 9-5 maybe a success but also set in motion the machinery for building more bland cars. The Saab DNA (to paraphrase someone) got seriously diluted and finally let to less interest of its original fan base.

    • Yes, and the model was definitely a 5-door (next generation CS). Where did that one go?
      The same thing six years later with the NG9-3. I rest my case.

  5. Really good clip. I really like the 9-5, in my view the car is underestimated. Like in particular the exterior despite of the latest dame edna model, but also interior details like the cupholder and of course the seats. For me the design is still a typical Saab design. Somewhat diluted design in relation to the classical 99 and 900, but not in relation to the 9000. Had been even more saaby if the production car had got some more of the design elements shown in the concept.

  6. It´s interresting to se the blacked´out a-pillar (correct pillar letter?) on the model in the beginning of the film. So the idea finally came into production in todays 9-5. Great.

    It has taken some time but now I´ve seen my second NG9-5 here in Stockholm.
    And that´s within one week. Can we expect them to pop up more frequently in the daily traffic?

  7. I wish whoever uploaded it had gotten the aspect ratio right. Everything looks squashed. It happens when you play 4:3 material as 16:9. Sorry, but I work in TV and things like tend to irritate me a bit.

  8. Great video. Still the best Saab ever built imo.

    NG 9-5 you are a stunner and a great car. You have alot to live up to in your father

  9. I have to say that the design aspects from the 1999 SAAB carry over well into the 2006-2009 model year vehicles however I have to say that my 2006 9-5 2.3t Aero (sport) handles better than the previous generation 9-5 (IMHO), lol from driving both vehicles.

    I love you SAAB!!

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