Welcome Ramsey Saab, NJ

Saab recently lost a dealership in New Jersey – Parkfield Saab. Thankfully, another dealer has jumped in to fill the void. Ramsey Saab are a name that might be familiar to people in the area, having a Saab shop up to around 5 years ago. They have their website up and running and are reaching out to all the old Parkfield Saab customers.

I know we had a few ex-Parkfield people here, so those might want to check out Ramsey’s facilities (or those at my friends from Rienertsen Saab, too).

Ramsey Saab are located at 585 Route 17 South, Ramsey, NJ.

Welcome to the family!

17 thoughts on “Welcome Ramsey Saab, NJ”

  1. This was somewhat expected from what I had heard through the grapevine. My understanding is that the owner of Ramsey is one of the former owners of Parkfield. This, along with the fact that their website shows a rather large inventory of new Saabs and some pre-owned ones appearing on Day 1 leads one to think that perhaps this inventory came from Ramsey. It would be interesting to know what the real story is. As a former satisfied Parkfield customer, I was very distressed at the abrupt disappearance of Parkfield; they didn’t even have a message on their phone system saying they were closed or provide notice of any sort. They were just gone. That’s no way to treat a customer who has bought two new Saabs within the last three years. Somehow, that doesn’t give me a particularly good feeling about Ramsey without knowing more about what the true story is.

    Last week I needed service on my 10 month old 9-3combi so I trekked out to Reinertsen and was very pleasantly surprised about what a nice dealership it appears to be. So if Ramsey wants me as a (back) as a former Parkfield customer, they’re going to have to be pretty forthcoming of who they are and what their relationship is/was with Parkfield.

  2. Good to hear that they have faith in Saab there! Once the guys are settled, they should take care of the website. The 9-5 is still the old generation and the 2010 version is “coming soon”…

  3. Is someone ever going to step in and replace the now gone Paul Miller Saab?? That dealership was in a prime location and had excellent service and sales departments. Now if you want service, in central NJ, you must go to JMK or bust. Still not a bad dealer, but still, a dealer on Rt. 1/9 is a no brainer.

    Hopefully in time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just drove by the old Parkfield Saab and was really weirded out by the fact that it was a ghostlike empty Saab building. It’s not my dealer so I had no clue what was going on. Nice to see that they have moved only a short distance down the road under a new name. What’s kind of crazy is that there are 2 BMW dealers in the same stretch of road, one where Parkfield is and one where the new Ramsey is. One would think this is prime Saab territory. My only question, where is the new building? Sharing the lot with Volvo or Infiniti?

    • It’s not such a short distance down the road. It’s also on Rt 17, but in Ramsey, not Rochelle Park, a total of about 12-1/2 miles down the road (and 20-25 minutes further from Manhattan). And according to the websites, yes, there is both a Volvo and a Saab dealership listed at the same address, with Ramsey Infiniti a couple of doors away.

  5. Nevermind, Ramsey Volvo is also 585 Rt 17 South, so it must just be in the Volvo showroom. How does that usually work? Does anyone else go to a Volvo/Saab dealer? It seems to make sense on paper but wouldn’t you think they’re fairly direct competitors?

    • Jerry Seinfeld did,he went to get an”inside”deal from Elaines boyfriend Putty on a new 900-SE Convertible! It was a combo Volvo/Saab Dealer. Those “Seinfeld” Convertibles would periodically become available to dealers to purchase.

  6. Anyone know if Ed Maier made the jump to Ramsey? I always thought he was one of the best and brightest of all the Saab service managers.

    • I just called. They answer the phone “Ramsey Volvo.” I asked if they were a Saab dealer and she said yes. I asked for Service and asked if they are servicing Saabs; Tammy said not yet. I asked about Ed Maier (who I agree is terrific) and she had never heard of him. So I guess, if he’s jumping, he hasn’t landed yet.

  7. Ramsey Auto Group operated a combined Volvo/Saab dealership on Route 17 S at least in 1997 when I purchased my first Saab. They then built a new Saab dealership building down the same side of the highway (that is long gone I think), and converted the original combo dealership into Volvo only. I moved away from the area in 2001, so lost touch with the goings on there. But the original Ramsey Saab did a pretty fair business back in the 1990s, at least comparable to what Spreen’s was doing in Hackensack, but far less than what Reinertsen and JMK were able to do in their respective areas of the state. I am glad they are back in the fold. Now north/central/western NJ has at least 3 remaining Saab dealerships without the need to cross over into NY or PA.

  8. First of all…not ONE Parkfield employee was offered a job but during the “process” they were all promised a job…right there tells you what kind of people they are…not ONE Parkfield employee would ever work for them either…Ed Maier is a great Saab guy and would help any Saab dealer in a heart beat BUT he would never work for that group. The only two that went there are ex ramsey guys NOBODY else wanted to go either. If they are so great how did they go from #1 in the country to #4 in the state of NJ? it is simple they did not and will never treat people fairly, they “rip” people off with “extras”…399.00 Doc fee, 399.00 Etch (Ramsey customer told me they were told it is a state law and had to buy it), 45.00 License plate frames, 62.00 gas charge, 3.99 to write a repair order, etc. Yerrun they have no faith in Saab or they would have never let it leave that beautiful building in Rochelle Park…PERFECT location, big brand new state of the art building BUT NO RENT for them!! As far as ramsey back in the fold…they still are NOT a dealer even thou they have a website and all of Parkfield’s cars. All Saab people be very CAREFUL going there if they ever become a dealer. I was a customer there and i would NEVER EVER go to any of the Ramsey auto group stores EVER AGAIN!!

    • I have no personal knowledge of Ramsey, but if even half of the above is true, this is exactly the kind of dealer that Saab does NOT need. Saab needs dealers that will generate long term loyalty and not be looking for the quick buck. At the risk of being negative (sorry Swade), there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark…. no, I mean at SCNA in terms of getting their act together. The website STILL lists Potamkin weeks after I brought this to the attention of SCNA’s district sales manager. Another insipid half page ad ran in the NYTimes today. Good because it ran; bad because it was boring and banal…… the worst of the competition’s ads were far superior.

      PS I went to the chat function on the website today. Not suprisingly, the presumabley lowly paid rep on the website was helpless in regards to dealers and suggested contacting Spyker. Then when the chat was done, I received a followup from GM to rate the chat. Isn’t it time to get GM references out of anything to do with Saab even if GM is doing stuff for them behind the scenes.

  9. i posted something back in late Nov about Ramsey, heard the same exact story! I also purchased a car from “that” group and i would never go back there again. I was told about all the fees and when i got up to leave they said they would waive them. When i went to pick up the car it was a nightmare all the fees were back on the contract and it was a knock down brawl. If my kid did not want her car i would have left but she was so dissappointed when i said i was leaving i just sucked it up and took it. I also found out recently they were fined a few years back because of fraud, if i am not mistaken it is still the biggest fine in automotive history! SCNA wants to give them a Saab dealership WHY??? i would drive to CA before i would buy a car from them. i would pay more money anywhere else then to do business with what my friend calls the “butcher” (owner). I ran into one of his employees in a bar recently and they did not have a kind word to say about them either. I have lived in Bergen County for 51 years and i have never heard a kind word ever about that group or ownership. They screwed me and i do not want to see anyone else screwed. SCNA all i have to say is HUGE MISTAKE!! You are better off not having a dealer there then them!!

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