A non-Saaby interview with Victor Muller

You will enjoy this.

Victor Muller interviewed by Heritage Magazine.

It’s not about Saab – although he manages to get a few mentions in there, like this one:

Right now, I’m on the lookout for a 1993 Saab, which is stupid since we have a museum with about 100 of them. But that’s the thing about a collector; you always want to have your own stuff.

The interview is about him, as a collector of cars and art.

A very interesting read.

My thanks to Paddan for sending it thorugh.

9 thoughts on “A non-Saaby interview with Victor Muller”

  1. Somehow I think Victor knows people who can find him a ’93 c900. One of my compatriots in the Minnesota club has a ’93 Commemorative Edition c900 Turbo – I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of owning something that Victor wants but does not (yet) have.

  2. 1993. Okay, that must be c900? 900 T16S? Cabriolet? Very intersting. I hope he´ll let us know what car he decides to buy. Commemorative edition (US) would be cool. But of course, one of the last 900 T16S would also be very neat.

  3. “Men can’t wear jewelry, so what we can do is wear nice shoes, a great suit and a great watch — and we can drive fantastic cars.”

    Love the guy!

  4. Saabs United Historic Rally Team is on the lookout for a Saab 900 Turbo 5 door 1980-85.
    Preferably near Sweden. We are working for a customer of ours.
    Needs to be i decent condition and with good interior.

    I tried to buy a 900 Turbo Finlandia security spec ex. SEB Bank directors car but the seller who has not used the car for almost 20 years refused to sell even when I told him I was willing to put top dollars (krona) on the table.

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